2014 TSA VEX Nationals

Comment if you qualified/going

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What IS VEX TSA? It looks like just skills challenges.

The head to head is 1v1. No alliances. You qualify through being top combined in skills. Excellence is based on being well rounded in skills, head to head, and notebook/interview

I Personally prefer tsa because it is more based on ability rather than VEx

Who all is going to the Washington DC Competition.We are VEX team 9404 and i just want to know who is coming.

Uh… Washington DC Competition? Not any I’ve seen in robotevents recently… or heard of… seeing as I live there.

Are you talking about Tsa nationals and if so 4951a and g from Cimarron are going and they are really good.(G is our alliance partner we won state with and A is the team who was number one and got Dq. A also won Tsa state by six against us).
WARNING 4951a has beaten every top team in the state this year including Boone Apache 4004a and Purcell 4377b.

Heres their scouting report


Just copy and paste the links](“http://scouting.dhsrobotics.com/team.php?number=4377B#Information")]("http://scouting.dhsrobotics.com/team.php?number=4004A”)

Changed the thread title to include TSA. If you were not talking about the TSA National Conference, let me know and we can fix it.

Two 383 teams will be there for sure! Maybe three. Team 383V won first at GA TSA State, 383N got 3rd and 383A got 5th. We’re looking forward to the 1 on 1 style tournament. Hope to see some other Georgia teams there as well:D

I’ll be competing for a middle school spot this week in Waco, TX. Personally, I think regular VEX has much better competition and better run tournaments. For example, I feel like the Texas conference this year was put together very sloppily apparently due to “tight schedule” even though they have two days to do only skills.

I don’t know how you reach that conclusion. TSA is just like regular VEX except with less robots, less cooperation, and no international involvement.

Theseus 6260B from Middleton High School will be attending. We qualified at the Florida TSA State Conference as Tournament Champions and an Excellence Award winner. We look forward to seeing the diverse competition, and to any attending the World Championship, good luck; we will see you there next year!

The cyber pirates of 7232, 7232B and 7232C will be there!

You guys won 3rd right? You robot was amazing

Haha, yes. We earned third place Excellence.

Thanks! It is even better now:D. I think I remember seeing your team at States. Will you and your team be attending TSA Nationals?

Even better now? How is that possible? Haha we’ve improved ours a little too… We’re sarasota high school got 2nd place excellence. And ya we are going to nationals

Well, for one, it is much faster. It has also been flexing its biceps and triceps, if you get my drift:D.

Awesome! We’ll see you there!

I think ours needs to do some of those biceps and triceps flexes! Can you hang?

In about a week, we will be able to. I meant lots of practice when I referenced biceps and triceps.:slight_smile:

How’s your buckyball intake?

Ya I knew what you meant. But our arm could use a little extra power especially if we want to hang. The intake is pretty good, but we have issues with it spreading out too far after picking up a big ball.