2014 World champion robot

We made it to worlds with this design

Umm well first of all your fan wouldn’t be able to move your robot cause the blades aren’t angled and also will there be a reveal of da world champion robot.

I see two illegal batteries in that picture. It would never pass inspection.

Well it’s a start. It’s funny because that picture brings back my earliest experience with VEX. We had just received our first kits from my long time sponsor (who had cleaned out every Radio Shack for fifty miles) and I had a couple of kids working on their first robot. I assumed that they were working on Squarebot since that was in the original Inventors Guide. I tried to avoid interfering. I just wanted to see if they could build it on their own. They worked and they worked and one day I noticed that they were arguing about something in the Inventors Guide. “Do I step in, or let them try and work it out?” I thought. I chose to let them work it out. Now I had forgotten that I had given them the rechargeable battery and that the kit came with the battery pack shown in the picture. Toward the end of the period they called me over and were visibly angry because they could not get the robot to turn on. They had both battery packs screwed in and both plugs were jammed into the analog port bay, obviously making contact with nothing. The robot itself had very little resemblance to the Squarebot and was losing screws when you touched it. So I learned a valuable lesson that day. No matter how good the instructions are, a little guidance is nice to have. So we started over and quickly had a running robot with that huge antennae extended all the way out, poking out eyes all around. Fun times. Want to confuse them more, hand them a Signal Splitter and a microcontroller.

does it fly

don’t you know there’s a much easier wheelbase to go with? Just stick a magnet on the front of the robot, and another one facing the magnet attached to a pole. Instant motion!

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OMG! I think you discovered perpetual motion!

Until you reach the north/south magnetic pole, that is.

If magnetic drivetrains become an issue, VEX has only two ways to get rid of them:

  1. Make magnets illegal


  1. Host Worlds at the magnetic north or south pole, thus depriving the perpetual motion machines of their energy.

The second one seems more feasible IMO

Most likely not as it seems that unfortunately none of these amazing tips were implemented:

FYI, the team that was on the champion alliance was 3560Z