2015-2016 Game Predictions

I saw this same post on the VEX Forum so why not have a fun discussion here. Any speculations? I did this with my teams both going to worlds and not just for fun. We did this last year too and one kid predicted the cubes and the removal of the unlimited hang out rule (definitely didnt guess anything else)! Here’s what our teams “guessed” or “hope for”:

  1. Irregular objects - since the last 2 games had standard shapes (balls, cubes)

  2. Being in a specific spot with the game ends for more points

  3. Goals on the field perimeter

  4. Possibly movable goals

  5. Could use 8 motors or the game extends to 1:30 :smiley:

  6. One team thought they may make a scoring concept where both bots would have to be able to perform/move/do/etc. a task for more points (they used the example if both teams could hang 2 years ago in Add it Up, it would be worth more than if only 1 did).

Have to wait until April to see.

What I have noticed is that on Add-it up and Highrise teams perform better than in teamwork. In Add-it up you had 2 teams doing their routines on their side of the field… and in highrise I have seen robots pretty big making it difficult for the 2 bots to maneuver the field. What I would love to see is a bigger field, that would help robots run alongside and do some real teamwork.

Good point, a parent volunteer brought up the same idea. Barring a smaller size restriction, teams have maximized the size requirement these past 2 years. As bigger bots come along, the need for field expansion may be valid. Personally, I’d be shocked if the size requirements went down but it could happen.

Aloha All,
Along the lines of Kaverman’s suggestion of a bigger field, the current field tiles are very easy to snap together in different configurations. I could see VEX IQ creating a game that connects two fields together to create an 8’ x 8’ field. They could even be creative and make a giant “+” sign or an “O” shaped field configuration. In my opinion the field perimeter set is very affordable and having two fields connected to create a creative floor surface could make the game that much more interesting and challenging.