2015/2016 Online Challenges

That’s way too easy.



That’s way too easy.



I like the variation on the animation challenge!

I feel like the limit on object use in the past was sometimes too restrictive. I had problems where I wanted to add my own objects but couldn’t because they would clash with the required objects. The STEM focus fixes this and adds some nice open-endedness to the challenge, which I like. :slight_smile:

15 Seconds More!!?? Yes Please!!
I hated trying to cram a full rule description and practice match into 3:00. This is probably the best change this year.

I also like the new description sheet. It’s a lot easier to read.

The rubric already lists it, but I just want to confirm,

  • Entrant grade range: middle school, high school, university
  • VEX competition team requirement: Does not have to be a team entry

Does this mean that a former team member that has graduated High School and is now in college can submit an entry into the challenge without being on a Vex Team?
I’m pretty sure the rules say “yes”, but I’m just double checking. :slight_smile:

~ Michael ~

Yes, you are correct. We always try to make some challenges open to students who are not VEX participants.

Can’t wait to actually do the game animation challenge this year since I’m studying animation and game design. :wink: But this should be a lot of fun!

This qualifies me.

Does Jason’s threat of baring me from actually winning any animation competition still hold? :stuck_out_tongue:

What animation software did you use for your Game Design Animation? :):):slight_smile:
Thank you very much!

Anyone know any good animation softwares for Game Design?

I use the free open-source software, Blender, for all of my game animations.
It’s pretty simple to use and figure out, and it is very powerful and can create great animations. There are many great tutorials online to help you learn it as well.
Maya and 3DS Max are good programs too, but if you don’t buy them you have to go through an interesting process to get a student copy.

You can get Blender free from here
A basic YouTube search for “Blender Beginner Tutorials” will get you started right away.

Hope this helps!

It’s pretty simple, not much more complicated than making a gmail or something of those sorts. They just verify that your email address is a legitimate educational institution email. That’s it! Tens of thousands of dollars of free downloads are instantly free! (Inventor Professional is over $7,000 for a business to buy)

It’s quite the opportunity to be taken advantage of if you ask me.

Autodesk Prices Link

I don’t think that’s right unless they have changed things. I don’t have a school email, and I was still able to get an educational account and what not.

But yeah, signing up isn’t that hard and is worth your while.

Could be. I know when I signed up all it asked for was basic info such as name/email/institution. So I was under the impression that they verified the email for legitimacy. (that’s how most businesses do it, e.g. Microsoft)

Maybe there are more hoops to jump though if your not part of a school district to prove you are using it for educational purposes?

But regardless, like you say…easy and totally worth it!

We actually started working on the new site months ago, but thank you all for your suggestions. We read what you write on the forums. :slight_smile:

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get some entries submitted.

I absolutely love the new online challenges website!!! Especially the fact that you can edit your entries after you submit. Also I think that it is cool that you can see all of the past entries. Will the voting be changed so that it is just a yes or no vote? Overall a very nice website that is neat and organized! Very nice job!!