2015-2016 vex u qualifying criteria (UK)

hi, does anybody have any info on the

2015-2016 vex u qualifying criteria (UK)

Kind Regards
Liam Grazier
Student of M[Eng] Robotics @ Plymouth University

Hiya toss_bosses ! did you get to worlds this year ?

it’ll be good for more vex u teams !

had a year off from VRC but so up for VEX U !

What are your thoughts on the game?

I’ll message him when he gets back from Louisville, but i was just wondering if any sort of official guidelines had been released from RECF (i couldn’t see any)

There are more important things than terms! Like robots! :wink:

You might be surprised what would happen if you asked your college/professors if you could be gone. If you show them what you are doing they might be more than willing to accommodate you. I could be totally wrong, but if you go about it the right way you might get lucky!

Hopefully the college can see the educational benefit of what you are doing…they SHOULD be happy to work with you.