2015 Online Challenge Winners

Here are your 2015 Online Challenge Winners. The judges commented that it was very difficult to pick the winners this year, as the average quality keeps improving. I think you all do amazing work.

Award Won: Entry Code, Title, Team #

VEX Robotics Engineering CAD Challenge

First: 4201, High Strength Upgrade, 5606A
Second: 4052, Wire Clip, Take 2, 3018V
Third: 4205, Planetary Transmission, 2323Z

EMC Corporation Robotics Team/Club Website Challenge

First: 4449, Team 254: The Cheesy Poofs’ Website, 254A
Second: 4103, Robo-Dukes, 2118
Third: 4356, Viking-Colt Robotics Club, 8931

FUTURE Foundation Robot Construction Challenge

First: 4157, EagleBot, 341
Second: 4274, Rambot X, 2454
Third: 4466, RoboDuke, 2118A

VEX Game Design Animation Challenge

First: 4196, Tetra Hill, 917A
Second: 4322, Binary Breakdown, No Team
Third: 4222, Bowl Fighting, 5225A

VEX IQ Challenge Promote Award

First: 4321, More than a game, 7222Z
Second: 4161, Hawaii-Vex-O, 241E
Third: 4164, Join Vex IQ Hula, 241M

VEX Robotics Competition Promote Award

First: 4443, Sweetch 1119 - 2015 Promote Video, 1119
Second: 4063, Vex Team 1231A Promote Award 2015, 1231A
Third: 4524, Let’s Work!, 2252C

REC Foundation STEM Educational Video Challenge

First: 4378, The Officialish Guide To An Awesometacular VEX Design Notebook, 4184G
Second: 4329, Vexecutives, 8899X
Third: 4352, The No Sweat Approach to Troubleshooting, 343X

Texas Team “What Have You Learned?” Video

First: 4316, What 400X Has Learned, 400X
Second: 4562, Raining Texas Tacos: Our VEXperience, 4000X
Third: 4067, What 7504X has learned, 7504X

VEX Robotics Photography Challenge

4006, Inspiring the next generation, 1069E
4548, Between Skyrise, 3248
4479, In Awe, 5327B
4310, Vaughn Robotics Working Together, VCAT
4214, Competition Programming, 2252C
4204, VEX Robotics is for you and me, 8058A
4184, The Passing Of Knowledge, 1104Z
4573, Absorption, 2251
4503, Robot Maintainence, 508V
4390, GO SPIRIT!, 5509Z