2015 Online Challenges Finalists

You can see them on the REC Foundation Online Challenge page.

If you have comments or questions, PLEASE do not place them in this thread.

Many of the challenges have more than 10 Finalists. With the growth in the number of total submissions, and the high quality of entries, we felt it was important to recognize more participants.

My congratulations to all the Finalists!

What time will the winners be announced? and in what timezone?:slight_smile:

I just realized. Almost all of the winner’s team numbers are a 4000 something.

Like almost every team, two of them are 3900 something. Weird

EDIT: entry number. Right. My bad. Shouldn’t have posted here anyway.

That is the entry ID number, not the teams’ number.

Cough Cough

When will the online winners be announced at what time today?

Can’t tell if serious.

Give him some time. He is based on the West Coast so he probably just finished his cup of coffee and getting through email.

see how it says “Location: Redmond, Washington”