2015 roboprom update thread

Hello everyone! We received alot of feedback from people saying they also thought Robo-prom would be a great idea so we have decided to make it a reality! A group of 7 individuals (myself included) formed a committee to help make this event real and we are now on our way to getting it done! This thread will be your one-stop destination for any robo-prom information you may be looking to find. Ticket prices are currently being set and tickets will be available for reservation as soon as they are set! Tickets will be available to any VRC team members who have qualified for the world championships, as well as individuals in the area who are active VRC members that would like to come regardless of qualification. Basically, we are saying not to buy tickets if you arnt for sure coming, as no refunds will be issued and tickets are not transferable (your name will be put on a list). Also, friends in the area are sadly not welcome to this event as it is strictly VRC teams only.

A DJ has now been booked! to learn more about him, visit djtempoe.com!

Stay tuned for more info! ROBO-PROM committee members can be found on vexforum by the signiture i have below, or if they have"vex robo-prom committee member" on their banner.


Robo-prom director

A) Please make your sig a link to the facebook page.
B) Don’t use Facebook. Might I suggest Google Calendar?

done. thanks for the suggestion. as for google calender, i will see what i can do!

Thank you!

I noticed on the wiki pages it said teams would sell tickets from their pits at the convention center. Last year, it was not permitted to sell things in the convention center (according to the Q&A document), so you should clarify that, as you will probably need some sort of permit or booth to sell them.

Right. totally forgot about this. Thanks Kevin! I think we will sell them in one of the center courtyards. Im also looking into (later in the season) seeing if RECF or VEX will allow us to sell them at the registration desk however i wont hold my breathe on that one…

You may wish to look into using a service like this.


You will have up-front expenses and really need a commitment from teams before worlds.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to sell very many tickets until late february or march, when teams start to qualify for worlds. We are currently working out the details of how we will deal with the various up-front expenses.


I love the eventbrite service and I actually thought about it this morning. I’ll probably make one today. We can get committments from teams that have pre-qualified and are already going to Worlds for next year, but the bulk of it needs to come late January - March.

Which hall? That will determine max capacity. it’s a tough balance estimating the costs up front versus how many people will to want to come. There are quite a few people at the convention center for the event, but will those form other countries participate at the same rates? Does Vex have stats on average attending team size? 3.5 seems about right to me.

Anaheim convention halls:

Hilton space:

Marriott space:

The ratio of tables to people will dictate the space needs. Is it a “reception” where there is not expectation of seating or a “banquet” where there will be seating? Cost of space and services will add up quick so price accordingly. You have quite a few variables to deal with. You could end up on the profit side at the end though if all goes well…](http://www.marriott.com/hotels/event-planning/floor-plans/laxah-anaheim-marriott/)

We planned on using the ballrooms on the upper floor of the Convention Center. Those rent at $1800 per section as there are multiple ballrooms.

As clarification, we decided against having food at the Roboprom. There will still be an awesome dance, a cool DJ, and plenty of places for teams to sit down and get to know one another though!

Where are you getting the money to fund this?

Team 2560E is providing the initial funding, with hopes that ticket sales will reimburse them.

Tickets will be available via EventBrite soon. Paypal will likely be the chosen payment method. Our team is working to set up a Paypal account now.



for a short time, (1-2 weeks) we will not be posting updates. in this time, we expect alot of plans to change. We may in fact still have a dinner portion, depending on where the venue is. We have alot of unknown variables to deal with and when they are all filled in, we will ensure that everyone knows as quickly as possible. Thank you to everyone who shared their opinion on the event as this gave us an idea of how many people would attend, which in turn convinced us that we can sell enough tickets to cover all the costs.

Again, we look forward to bringing you more news on the event shortly, however not until everything is finalized.