2015 WORLDS location?

Just wondering has the new venue for World 2015 been announced?

I set up a countdown until worlds on our team website. Only 278 days left, and we don’t even know where it is.

I’m thinking it’ll be in Antartica.:smiley: All countries share the location, which is fitting for a world event. Lots of wide open space for as many teams as RECF wants to host. The robots won’t overheat.:wink:

Hope they move it to Texas that would be much easier for us! Put it in VEX home state!

New dates also mean that there isn’t an ongoing conflict with the FIRST World championship. Yay for less volunteer spread/not having to watch 14+ fields of robots over webcast at once!

That would be amazing, but I imagine it would make it harder for NZ and Asian teams.

I’m all for it though. :smiley:

Hey guys…Florida is always nice around April! :wink:

After a 22 hours travel time to LA (we fly via Aus) I don’t think adding another few hours onto travel time is such a big deal! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here it goes, a list of larger convention centers in the US:
*]Chicago, Illinois
*]Orlando, Florida
*]Las Vegas, Nevada
*]Boston, Massachusetts
*]Atlanta, Georgia
*]Washington, D.C.
*]Dallas, Texas
*]Louisville, Kentucky
*]Las Vegas, Nevada (again)
*]Honolulu, Hawaii
*]New Orleans, Louisiana
*]Las Vegas, Nevada (yet again)

These are the cities that have larger convention centers then Anehiem. This not all of them, but if RECF needs a bigger place, these are the one with at-least a some-what larger area. If they need something a lot bigger, it’ll be on the top of the list.

Or if it’s outside the US, that will cost a lot of teams, a lot of money.


Trust me… it still makes a big difference.

We were there at Dallas, Texas, and our robots arrived one day later (because it was misplaced during the domestic flight transfer).

And we were there at Orlando too… the weather was great, but it took us about 28 hours to reach there. Totally drained out.
And oh… one of the Singapore teams missed their flight back to Singapore from Chicago because of the delayed in their domestic flight. And they ended up staying one night at the airport.

And of course, not to mention the additional few hundred bucks because of the additional leg of domestic flight…

The northeast has a lot of teams and a lot of transportation centers…

I like the look of that 3rd 9th 12fth biggest convention center. That would be quite nifty for travel and I am pretty sure we wouldn’t dent the hotel space.

I doubt it will be Vegas, it would clash with NAB.

I’m surprised they are moving this event after already announcing it would be at Anaheim, someone better let the robo prom team know as they were planning to hold that event on April 22.

Ya I know Vegas is unlikely because it isn’t the right kind of atmosphere for what the convention centers want. They like people gambling in casinos.

Still its possible when you consider how many convention centers we have.

I go to NAB most years, it’s the second biggest convention after CES I think, Las Vegas is always packed that week. The though of transporting robots from the hotels on the strip to the convention center is not a pleasant thought.

If the venue has been changed then it should be announced, it’s all over the internet that the dates are 22-25 April, I imagine many people have already made plans to be in Anaheim for that week.

that was probably before they knew they’d be moving, so they probably cancelled.

I see you quoted my post before I realized I misread it and deleted my post. :wink:

Also the space is still reserved in Anaheim: http://www.anaheimconventioncenter.com/eventDetail1.aspx?eID=453

Echo that. From NZ we don’t fly with Kiwibots because NZ->LA is only 12hrs away and less “Fragile” handling by airports = less damage. For the record internal flights in the US are the worst for robot damage.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if they moved it to St Louis?

That thought also crossed my mind as well. Someone could take last years floorplan and see if that fits well in the St Louis convention center. There’s less exhibit space but the arena is much larger (which based on the 2014 finals may not be a good idea, there were not many people left at the end)

St. Louis would rock, 3 hour drive!

Emphasis mine.

I think the biggest news out of this update is that the date has now been changed so that VEX World Championships in 2015 will not conflict with the FIRST World Chamionship in St. Louis.

THis is huge for people like me who mentor and participate in the FIRST program, and we won’t have to choose between the two like last year.

This is really awesome news to me!

St. Louis & (insert VEX Worlds location) here I come!