2015 WORLDS location?

I have been looking up the schedules of huge convention centers to see if they already have an event going on durring the worlds week so we can eliminate a few

So far I have eliminated:

San Francisco - not an event directly overlapping but there is no time for them to set up due to a large convention the day before the start day. So no time to clean up that one and set up for vex so most likely not.

Boston- Nope. Huge math teacher conference going on.

Dallas- Nope. There is a public event that is an estimated 30,000 ppl big so no.

Chicago- nope. Big conference already there

Las Vegas- No! I highly doubt that they would hold a kid’s robotics competition here regardless of space cuz its Las Vegas.

Washington DC: There is a not too large conference here durring the predicted event time so it is still possible if we share the space but a bit unlikely

Honalulu- there is a small conference going on durring worlds but it is definitely possible to share the space.

I don’t think there’s anything scheduled at the Orlando Convention Center yet… :wink:

If vex needs more space, they don’t want to share it. And I doubt Hawaii since the summer games are already there.

My guess is Atlanta (Georgia world congress center) . Lots of space, and still available I think. Their website appeared to be open then. But I’m just speculating.

I think it was in Atlanta the year before Elevation (not sure if it was Bridge Battle or FVC Quad Quandary, they happened in the same year).

There’s also a convention center in Detroit that I believe is larger than the one in Anaheim and has an arena to boot. That would be really nice for us… :smiley:

I’m not entirely sure, but I think while Detroit is larger in area, it is most rooms and such. I believe the actual exhibition space is less than Anehiem.

Quad Quandary was played in Atlanta as part of the FIRST world championship. The first VEX world championship for bridge battle took place the week after at California State University (with a much smaller event than the modern championship).

Only 271 days left till Worlds. :smiley:

If the date doesn’t get changed a 2nd time :slight_smile:

Hey everyone,
Before I begin, the name of this post is random, just like the completely random guesses were all about to share for where worlds will be next year!

We always see the whole “what will next years game be” thread which is always filled with creative and unique ideas that really get us excited for the release but we usually dont get a chance to get excited about a new worlds location, before they actually tell us where it will be.

This thread is your place to share any info you have on locations around you that you believe may suit worlds and could even end up hosting. Me and some close friends have done alot of guessing (backed with our own research on location availability, exhibition space, etc) and have started to make a list of possible locations

note these locations were based on the assumption that worlds will be held in a **convention center. remember, that out of the 3 past locations (Dallas,Orlando,Anaheim) only Anaheim and Dallas were held in convention centers. There is always the possibility that the event will be held in a stadium or other large space.

Our list, and research can be found below:

  1. Dallas - It seemed like the most likely choice at first. Huge building, located close to vex HQ, 100 loading docks (allowing for easy unloading of stuff for setup and teardown) and even a new “vexdome” for us all to freak out over. sadly, as great as it all sounds, its booked during the worlds week (insert sadface)

  2. mccormick place in chicago - Also massive, largest in US. Didnt bother looking any further than this as its booked solid through next July.

  3. Orange County - Very large buildings (multiple) however the fact that there are actually 4 seperate portions connected makes it less likely that it will be used for worlds in our opinions

NOTE the following were not really researched. just discussed based on their size compared to the Anaheim C.C which was used last year (Brackets represent the amount of square footage they are LARGER than anaheim by)

  1. NYC/Javitts center (25000ft^2)

  2. Houston/George R Brown (38000ft^2)

  3. New Orleans/Earnest Morial (285000ft^2)

  4. Atlanta Georgia (685000ft^2) -nothing currently booked

8.Cleveland, Ohio (185000ft^2)
being used on the 15th but only for the 1 day.

What places have you guys thought about? what about them would make for a great worlds location? are they available as far as you know?

this should be fun :)**

World’s was confirmed to be in Anaheim for next year (2015) and I think even 2016. It was an announcement several months ago.

see this thread: https://vexforum.com/t/june-2014-team-email-blast/26730/1

Wasn’t the location changed??

Nevermind, Eric got there first.

I stand corrected.

As per usual of these threads, I must stand by Indianapolis with 1.3 million sq ft (compared to ACC’s 815 thousand sq ft), including the Lucas Oil Stadium. There are no planned events between the 13th and 19th of April 2015… Almost seems a bit too convenient :wink:

I’m reasonable confident Worlds will be held in the U.S. as usual because most teams reside in the States. However, RECF has to choose somewhere that’s convenient for international teams to get to. LA is definitely one of those places. Indianapolis, while isn’t in the middle of nowhere, probably won’t be the cheapest for international teams to fly to.

On the other hand, Indianapolis is a great city because of a safe downtown area and nearby local amenities such as hotels and food.

I agree. Indianapolis would be perfect… perhaps I’m a bit biased due to being 20 minutes from Indianapolis lol.

And it’s less than two hours drive from the Kentland impact crater! How cool would that be if we could all go get us some shatter cones as souvenirs! :slight_smile:


I hope it’s atl, but I’m guessing that it will be held in the west somewhere

I really don’t understand why people think this is booked. There is plenty of room there during the time VEX is scheduled–sure, there is a convention there that ends the day Worlds starts, but the place is so big we could coexist for at least that day…

This is just from our knowledge of vex and its bookings at past worlds. As a head rep of the Roboprom committee, we had to ask the anaheim convention center about prices to use a ballroom for the night (prior to the worlds move) and the first thing we were told was that we needed vex’s written approval because they “had rented the building and all its rooms”. Now that to me made no sense since i NEVER saw anything vex related above the first floor but assuming the woman is correct, clearly vex likes it space haha.

As for indianapolis, i like the idea however in the “about section” it says about using both exhibition halls as the stadium provides event holders with 183000sqr ft of space… Thats nothing… Did they mean 1,800,000?

Are you saying that downtown LA is not safe.


You’re not exactly in the middle of downtown LA at the Anaheim convention center. You are pretty much in the middle of downtown Indy at ICC though.