2015 WORLDS location?

What about Detroit or Atlanta? Their bookings don’t extend until April, so I don’t know if it would be open.
That crater near Indi looks neat.

Detroit isnt big enough i dont believe but i could be wrong. Id love that. Only 4 hr drive for canadian teams althpugh it wouldnt exactly be a getaway to drive from our snow covered country to another snow covered location haha

Well Detroit doesn’t have a big enough exhibition area, I don’t think but I’m not 100% sure.

Detroit has all of the snow gone by mid-April on a normal year. Some really cold years there could be a little bit left.

Fair enough. Indianapolis wouldnt be too bad. Frc teams usually drive to IRI from around me so it cant be too far bad. Would completely change how we do things. Were always so limited with our luggage, tools, etc, simply due to flight restrictions.

I hope it’s in Chicago, because then we could drive. Benefits of this are stated above by roboravin91. But we would have to share space. Atlanta wouldn’t be so bad.

As long as it stays in the continental US, It can’t get any farther away from me.

All of the judging for the World Championships takes place upstairs. I also think the VEXU talk last year was held up there.
Edit: Personally I would like something on the east coast, say Boston? It could be fun, but also a little biased because it is only a 40 minute flight for me, so that would be lovely.

Worlds will not be held in Indiana.

Why do you think this jesse? Got any research you could share to back it up or is it just based on its location? :slight_smile: thanks for the input everyone :slight_smile:

such cubes
very skyrise
so NYC

New York pls

I happened to make a few Excel spreadsheets to do some VRC team geo data analysis during the past week or so. Here’s what I came up with:

Using all team data (VRC HS, VRC MS, VEX U, and VEX IQ) from this season so far, the point on the globe producing the shortest average distance for all teams registered so far this season was pinpointed to be right here, close to Kansas City.

More recently, I ran the same code using data from all teams who attended the 2014 VEX World Championship. Using that data, the point on the globe was pinpointed to be right here, rather close to St. Louis, eh?

Obviously not the best way to determine where the World Championship “should” or might be held, but just neat to look at.


Kc would be awesome! 20 min drive! Also amazing bbq for everyone!

I am fairly sure they will try to keep the event on the west coast due to the large number of teams from the China and New Zealand areas.

However, I heard (not sure if it’s true) that VEX is really trying to grow the European program. This might cause the convention to move more eastward. Also, with the summer games on the Hawiian Islands (very west), they might want a competition on the more eastern side as well.

Just a thought.

I’m working off the assumption that VEX wants to have more space. With that in mind, Anaheim has the biggest exhibit hall on the West Coast. Las Vegas Convention Center is significantly bigger, but I’m not sure how comfortable RECF would be hosting a youth event in the middle of Vegas :wink:

Chicago, New York, and Orlando all have larger exhibit halls as well.

Las Vegas has 3 of the top 12 biggest convention centers and the hotel space. Neither Las Vegas nor VEX would prefer the location. (Las Vegas likes adult conventions because they want gambling money) (Vex as you said would feel a little awkward about the adult nature of the city)

Both would take the opportunity if it was the only option available which from my understanding of how early conventions are normally booked could very well be possible.

Atlanta may be a huge open conference center, but we are building a new stadium (go MLS) right next door, and the World Congress Center (what the convention center is called incase some don’t know) is not really in the greatest of sections of city, its not terrible in the immediate are but outside of a 5 or six block radius its not superb plus we have very few attraction for people to do outside besides coke, the aquarium, and maybe a basketball game. I would think they will stick to Anaheim, Orlando, or maybe something like DC if they want a change of venue, but it will be someplace with major airports nearby on either the extreme West or East of the US for traveling ease for everyone else from outside the USA

The calender list says it goes to the 15th but the event info says 16th. That event takes up 3 buildings, which is ~1,900,000sqft out of 2,670,000sqft total of the whole convention center.

There’s also another booked event 17th-19th, but only ~300 people.

Mccormick is the largest convention center in North America though.

I think this was best responded to by Jordan:

If we were to make the distance shortest for everyone, the event wouldn’t be on the west coast, contrary to what I intuitively thought.

Instead of looking for convention centers that haven’t been booked, I would personally narrow my search to places that have. just because vex announced that they are changing the location doesn’t mean they haven’t found a new one yet.