2016-2017 Game

Is there a set date for the 2017-2018 game to be announced. I have heard many things about a water game, but I highly doubt that a robotics game would have to do with water.

I believe it will be announced the last day of worlds.

Thank you so much! @wesleywong


it is announced right before the round robin

Not true. It’s after finals are over, according to the schedule.

Everything about a water game is just a meme. But underwater robotics is a thing - just not in VEX’s future. The metal literally has holes in it.

The metal may have holes in it, but the theory is …


I’ll leave now.

Thank you! Water Game NOT CONFIRMED

I know you may be skeptical, but the water game is a guarantee this year.


If you are right though it will be cool

a water game would suck for me because a pushbot wouldnt work very well…

maybe floor goals will still be a thing. I don’t really think a water game will happen

one word; AWESOME