2016-2017 New Parts

Don;t forget more memory so you can keep a map of the field/world in memory from your sensors.

I’d prefer more I2c sensors. Gyros, accelerometers, and Ultrasonics would be cool to have on I2c and would free up space for Quad encoders that work. I’d like to see magnetic solenoids though. Just for small consistent movements without the whole pneumatic kit. Something a bit larger than what controls the flow systems for the pistons already.


Sorry for sounding stupid, but how do you use this, we have plenty of them laying around (by I mean my team)

And I would like to see some more sensors, and that planetary gear.

I wouln’t mind some springs.

@technyk32 That is Just amazing idea! Thanks for posting it.

I’m also in for the high strength locking bars made out of metal.

A number of years ago I made competition switches that are a three position slide switch connected to a 6" cable. I’d like to see VEX sell them. It would make testing easier for teams and let them always have access to easily testing their autonomous code. I made 24 of them and across the year they have either been given to teams or walked, I’m down to my last three.

Especially torsion springs that are usable in situations other than the claw kit.

There are springs that you can take out of the clutches.

However, that being said, other springs would be nice

I think they should make 2.5 in. or 2 in. mecanum wheels since 4 inch mecanum wheels are limited to basically just drive and not much else because of size and weight.

I would like to see bearings that fit right up against the edge of the “C” channel and that will let you put screws in the adjacent holes without having to cut, file or sand any of it. So basically smaller bearings.

I’ve never used them, but I think that pitch bearings (276-2179) do that.

I just really want an iOS or Android device for a MC. Those FTC kids have it good.

I have heard nothing but complaints from people in the FTC world?

There is nothing real time control about an Android device. We aren’t really even there with RobotC and Cortex, but definitely better off.

The normal bearings will fit on steel without modification, but aluminum requires sanding/cutting.

You can buy a good 3D printer for as much as a vex cortex, operating cost are also cheaper than buying new vex metal every year.

If I’m interpreting you correctly, you want a mobile app that connects with Tournament Manager to aid in emceeing?

If so, that’s already possible (if I remember correctly) by utilizing the integrated webserver feature of TM.

The Control System in FTC is an Android phone. I believe they want the VEX Control System to also be either an Android or iPhone.

Let it be known, I am not for that at all.

I believe this is what you are looking for. http://www.vexrobotics.com/276-2335.html