2016-2017 New Parts

Pretty sure he meant Microcontroller. It was confusing because an Android phone is not a microcontroller. Pretty much the furthest from that a device can be.

This thread is from about a year ago. A new cortex costs around 250$. I am not sure what “good” 3D printer costs that much. I would probably call a maker bot an okay printer. A good printer is going to set you back a lot more than 250. I do really like the form labs printer with liquid ressin, that is 7,000$.

This was the new control system for FTC introduced last year: http://ftc.flfirst.org/Docs/2015-2016/KickoffControlSystemPresentation2015_V6.pdf

No, I was asking for a smaller competition switch. The one @Maddog13524 pointed to was the standard 4 team VEX switch. It’s large and kind of clunky for an individual team. The ones I made and love are a small switch on the end of a 6" length of wire. They plug into the hand held controller. Center position is Off, close to the driver is autonomous, far position is driver control.

@OscarNVCC – Not a big fan of the FTC system, lots of parts and it seems like it was cobbled together rather than thought out to be a control system.

I can definitelyagree to this. VEX keeps adding more high-strength gears, & I am more inclined to use them. However, as long as I have to use a normal shaft for my motor shaft, my overall strength of my gear train is limited (if it is going to break, it will break at the point of least resistance).

I think the new motors this year would probably be switchable between the high strength and normal axles.

I did FTC for 4 years along with VEX and FRC in HS. Nothing against the platform, because I love the metal and motors, but I’ve felt the same way about the control system forever. From BT to Samantha Module with NXT bricks. It felt jerry rigged.

What if they made an inverse gear insert, so you could plug high strength shafts (almost) into a motor?

They don’t need to make a way to power a high strength driveshaft with a motor, a vex motor doesn’t have enough torque to twist a regular shaft. Even if jt was the weak link in a gear train the motor would free spin before the shaft twisted. I’ve never found high strength shafts to even be neccessary in my builds.

I would love 1x1 aluminium L channel, maybe planetary gearbox but that’s a far stretch, new controller with more buttons and new cortex maybe with 12 motor ports and more sensor ports, metal gears and bearing would be awesome, and if 3D printing was allowed it would make things interesting.

our school had like 4 of these
Before we got one of these things, a Fortus 450mc after some serious fundraising

liquid resin is really hard to work with and is is really messy if your not careful.

Point of view goggles and a camera to put in the front of the bot would be awesome for driver skills

Ik this is not legal… but get some micro quad electronics (runcam swift and a micro transmitter maybe a fatshark) that would be fun

My requests (if someone official looks at this - I run a 10 team club):

  • sell just red (or yellow or some bright color other than green) motor covers to easily differentiate between regular and high speed motors.
  • The 12t high strength metal gears we just got have rectangular metal regular to high strength inserts in them. Not only do we lose these, they are also easier to use with plastic high strength gears. Sell just the inserts in bags of 10 or 20.
  • Allow us to purchase individual field electronics components. I’d love to buy a couple of spare USB match controllers but don’t want to buy the driver interfaces that I don’t need (part 275-1401).
  • Sell just the stamped metal wrenches for nuts. I have dozens of allen keys that I don’t use.
  • Redesign the ball-end high performance 3/32" screwdriver to have the shaft be 3/32". When the balls round off, these wrenches are useless - I can’t grind off the end to turn it into a regular 3/32" screwdriver.
  • Do a better job of making small parts available in general, like the brackets for the field towers.
  • As parts get redesigned, do what is necessary to avoid having a small problem (partner cable catch on the joysticks being worn down, for instance) make an expensive part useless.

In general, keep two things in mind - one, most VEX teams have a limited budget and we watch where every penny goes. Broken motor pins, pulled motor wires, those sorts of things all add up. Two, we’re working with kids, and kids are not always gentle on equipment (see above), equipment gets left behind at competitions, things get lost, etc. Making small parts available for purchase helps; it might make warehousing and inventory more difficult, but it helps the teams.

I think 24tooth and 48tooth gears like the ones that IQ has would be helpful. The spacing would be the same just need to move the system over.

I would disagree that they are useless, if you do certain gear ratios, high strength axels are VITAL to keep things from bending

How about electric pistons? Do you guys think it has potential?

So I’m hearing a lot about the new micro controller. Just wonder, does anyone know if it might run a new programming language? Kinda like FTC changing from RobotC to the FTC sdk on android studios.

Ouch. That one Hertz.

Since VEX has made a major investment recently in RobotC (which is why it is now free), I have serious doubts that the programming language is going to change.