2016 BNS CAD Library (beta)

Can anyone help me to relate the name of the CADs in the library with V5-Clawbot-BuildInstructions-0720. When I try to select an assembly, following the V5-CaIwbot-Buildinstructions-0720, I can’t find the right piece.

We can help much if we don’t know which CAD software you are using. You can get CAD files in .step format for anything from the vexrobotics.com

Attached is a document with CAD information (details of all commercial CAD packages) along with links to various libraries, including libraries that include the V5 clawbot. CAD for VEX Robotics.pdf (299.7 KB)

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oh! sorry! I recently download Inventors and I using it in assembly.

At the end of the document I posted is a complete V5 clawbot assembly in inventor. You can pull any V5 part you need from that model, if you can find it in one of the other libraries or don’t want to convert the step files from VEX.

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![image|690x124](upload://8Mimage e7iTxLZiop0Hk5buWW6EYjHio.png)


I see. The V5 trainer uses some parts that are not available in the catalog (that is, you can’t purchase them outside of a V5 kit. The have specific model numbers, but really you just need to “count the holes.” For example, the bottom piece you marked is a 1x2x1 x 25-long C-channel. You’ll find these custom parts in the V5 trainer model, or you can create them yourself in inventor. You’ll need to open the part file of a stock item, “cut” the part, and then save the new part with a new name. Then you can use it in your model. You’ll need to do an “extruded cut”…check youtube for tutorials on how to do this.

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