2017 1815 Delta Build Starts

1815 Delta Build Starting:
No information shall be given, teaser coming out soon!
“What’s in the Triangle” Is something that we will be doing for the rest of our years. We will not show ANYTHING of our robot until we agree.
So far made:
-Delta Starstruck Drivetrain
-(Other info not permitted)
Delta II.jpg

That was quick! xD

Yeah, we predicted this to be a really interesting game.
Our design has been planned and will not be shown to the outside world until our team agrees.

Dang… I haven’t even figured out how to effectively manipulate the objects

they may not have either, all they have for sure is a drive

@Collin Stiers

That was fast; is one of your team members an oracle/man from the future who came back to tell you guys the game?

Either way, I look forward to the teaser!

Thanks! I am at home and I’m not working on the robot, now. But all I can say, is good luck to everyone!

Yes, we actually know how to manipulate the objects, but you guys need to figure it out!
All I’ll say is good luck trying to figure it out! It will be fairly hard to do!