2017-2018 Game Prediction

The Starstruck season has been going great for everyone it seems. But let’s get to a serious matter. We all know that we are far enough into the Starstruck season to start thinking about next season, the 2017-2018 season. We were dissapointed this year when there was no water game, but I believe that 2017-2018 WILL be a water game. Any predictions?

No. It’s too early. No.

Im definetely expecting a water game. I bet it will be tug boats, and they will fill the field up to the brim with water, and whoever can move stuff across the lake the fastes will win

If you watched the technology final, they confirmed a water game, with a green alliance

… Technically it’s still Nothing but Net season right now

For me NBN season ended when I lost at state…

Less than an hour left in the nbn season


Mine ended at the U.S. Open after vicotory (Runner-up) meal.

I’m assuming some sort of pirate game where you sail around and collect “treasure” game objects to score them on “islands.”

1.Too early to make predictions
2.Water games are WAY too expensive
3.I don’t think there will EVER be a water game
4.Please… Focus on this year’s game.


Its obviously gonna be some form of a fire game.

I believe Karthik will make a flying game

I would love to see a game where there is a teeter-totter similar to the new vex IQ game.

I would too, and I was also expecting the EDR game to also have balancing like the IQ game and was honestly surprised there wasn’t.

The teeter tot works with the vex iq teamwork challenge, but doesn’t really work that well for EDR

Why do you say this?

In iq, the challenge of the teeter tot isn’t necessarily to balance it out. Its to work together to both get on the ramp. In IQ the entire competitive format is the teamwork challenge

Well I thought the sack throwing game at worlds was a very good link to the game design of starstruck
Throwing things and scoring differently depending on where it lands

Maybe if we time travel to this season’s worlds we will get a hint