2017-2018 Game Prediction

The cornhole games (or whatever they’re called) weren’t new at worlds this year; they had them last year, so they don’t have anything to do with the new game

I think vex needs a game in which the robots need to hit a jump to get to a scoring zone/pieces.

I could imagine a robot not being able to make it over the jump. They might make a ramp similar to Crossover’s ramp, but not a jump. But what if they had something ridged and uneven for your robot to try to climb over?

Hey man, it is to early for that 8892A and 8892B is trying to figure out how to win state again.

Will obviously be a game with field elements on fire, robots must fly over the fire and drop water to extinguish the fire before all scoring objects are burned up.

Man it is like I say it is to early about that.

I think it would be interesting to see a game with a teeter totter, where both alliances could get a bonus for accomplishing the goal, or make one red and one blue and have it be for end game. (Kind of like FRC Rebound Rumble, end game seemed to be super hyped that year…)

Kind of like IQ this year :slight_smile:

Yeah, then the robot must swan-dive into lava, retrieve a piece of bedrock hidden in stone, and then surface, total a car and make me an egg and cheese sammich with bacon. ;]

I’d like a bonus that doesn’t really require mechanisms, but for low points, where there is 20x20 square on the ground, and if your robot is 100% inside of it you get points. But, there is only one square, and only 1 robot can go inside of it, so it’s a pushing match.

I feel like it would be the fastest drive then a pneumatic brake

Pneumatic brakes can be countered. Just push harder :smiley: Maybe a transmission or something to really push it.

Plus, with the 12 motors or 10 and pneumatics, pair this with a game that really discourages pneumatics.

What if there was just a king of the hill game? Except with moving “hills”. So every 20 seconds the scoring area would move that way you cant just sit there and do nothing.

Game prediction 2021-2022!!! Flying water lava game!

Perhaps we should work on the current game?? :stuck_out_tongue:


I intend to haha. Just making a joke post. It cool that you kept it running though :slight_smile:

water game - Nothing but wet

Its gonna be a water game, with some flying involved

Right, and the game objects are going to be Penrose Triangles.