2017 Innovate Award Submission

Hi. I’m the captain from team 97934V and we are incredibly excited to be attending Vex Worlds this year! Check out our innovate award video submission if you would like to! Feel free to like or comment there or here. Thanks!
YouTube Link <Click here

That’s very impressive. What are the 9 different takes that you alluded to in the video?

@7447C Twisted Glad you liked the video! Here’s a list of the tasks when we refer to 30 rubber bands and 20 feet of latex tubing.

  • Tip protection release
  • Left claw expansion
  • Right claw expansion
  • Mechanical stop expansion with button for zeroing the lift encoder
  • Elastic stop
  • Claw expansion
  • Lock that holds the claw down once expanded
  • Back passive assistance tension
  • Top passive assistance tension

Wow, that is a lot

Great robot @DavidChandler Thanks for sharing. In that spirit, here is a link to the submission from one of the teams that I mentor. As I said in the previous post, this is the same team that won the Innovate Award at the 2016 Vex Worlds.
Submission Link

@mbrh 1267C!!! They are amazing. Whenever we have a competition I always go over and check out their robot, because they always have some of the most unique and mechanically complex designs. Unfortunately at a lot of the early competitions, they had a lot of bugs to figure out, but they seem to preforming very well now. I’ll definitely have to stop by at worlds! Good luck!

Thanks @mbrh, however this thread was more supposed to be for comments on our submission. Your teams robot reminds me a lot of the robot 5327C Gael force made a few months back. I like the design though! We contemplated doing something similar early on in the season, but realized to make it effective in a real match it would need to reload nearly instantly to be comparable to our competition.