2017 Online Challenge Winners Announced!!

Looks like the 2017 Online Challenge Winners have been announced.

Where do you find Virtual Worlds… We do not see link on the online challenge pages


You can see the winners for RVW when you click on the challenge title from the Online Challenges Site - it will take you directly to the RVW page with the winners posted.

Thoughts on game design challenge idea winner?

@robotguy i really like them, i think they truly are the best ones, the make it real ones were ok, but i wasnt that much of a fan.

You mean you think the online challenge ideas are better than GDC ideas? Not saying you’re wrong just wondering. I didn’t particularly like the winner seemed too complicated, but who knows maybe i overlooked something?

Called the animation entries again. Good stuff.

@robotguy no, i think there were better submissions but i do kinda like the ones that won

Yes I see the animations you did for older VEX games VERY COOL!!

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Although admittedly that work is pretty insignificant these days, the online entries are approaching that level of completeness.

I couldn’t do that. I also have watched the youtube videos on the forum and cortex good points, better counterpoints!

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