2017 predictions

colored objects scoring on neutral goals;
10 motors instead of 12, and the scoring objects will probably be either

  • triangles
  • diamonds/rhombuses
  • prisms of some sort, maybe that you stack

I think we will see some weird shaped objects, a game changing bonus, elevation, and a much more prominent end game.

i agree

I am predicting some sort of field obstacle that will make it so there are optional robot constraints

I doubt they will change motor limits, but I think prisms of some sort maybe with movable goals of some sort. Part of me says it will still be projectiles somehow

water game.

I’m hoping for something similar to round up.

My guess is its going to be a back and forth game that never ends. Well, obviously after 2 minutes but you get what I mean.

I would love to get another one of those games, they are so much fun. Skyrise and Nothing but Net were very lacking in back and forth action.

I’m hoping that there is more interplay between the two alliances. This year, there was very little that teams could do strategically to turn the tide in their favor, especially once people have started shooting their preloads. So, I’m hoping for a game that encourages more defensive tactics, and more strategy in general.
As @noahlandis1 said, a field obstacle could be something that would contribute to this type of game.

Vex, answer my prayers and bring de-scoring back. And wall bots. And field obstacles. And. You get what i mean. There are only so many games i can take with empty fields:P

Everyone has to build the same robot part for part that was created to play the game at its full potential but the winner is determined by driver skill and sensor/programming usage.

Descoring back hopefully

Maybe another lifting game

Also I hope the scoring objects are really heavy (like 10lbs each), it’d make for some different lifting mechanisms.

Sheets of paper? maybe 3 neutral scoring objects that are the same shape but different colors (red, blue, green) and then 3 scoring areas of the same colors. There are scoring areas on both sides of fields for each alliance (so six in all). If you put the scoring object in the same color scoring container, you get more points than putting it in the different color container. This will make teams need to decide whether it is more important to descore the opponents on the other side of the field, or score for themselves. Along with this, teams need to decide if it is worth the time to score each object in their corresponding containers for the extra points, or to dump them all in the same area to save time.

If patterns persist:

There won’t be balls
There will be descoring
There will probably be an end bonus
We will have solid objects
The objects won’t have holes
And the objects will be coloured red and blue

What leaks?
## WATER!!
Water game confirmed

I’m really hoping for descoring, because that is one of the reasons fields were so easy to clear this year.

Pick up sticks…

Hopefully, the field will also be easier to reset next year.

We have this on another thread, and we were thinking of a VEX Capture the Flag.
I wrote a long paragraph on how the matches and fields will work:
Here is my idea of the field for Capture The Flag:

  1. Mat setup: The field will contain 2 team colors, Red and blue (Obviously). There will be 2 alliances per side and it will have one blue mat on the top-right corner, and the other one on the bottom-right corner. There will be one red mat on the top-left corner, and another one of the bottom-left corner. There will be a strip of gray tiles in the middle of the field from top to bottom for obstacles.

  2. Flag Setup: There will not be flags, there should be a tall triangle (12 x 12 x 12 x 18 - About 2/3 size of a VEX Robot) And it will be hollow with a pipe through the center of it (Kind of like Skyrise). There will be 5 triangles per side, and the pipe is the height of the field barrier. Each triangle is worth 30 points. The 5 pipes can be set anywhere on your teams’ side. De-scoring from the other teams is allowed until the 45 second mark, which really brings a big change, and de-scoring when there’s less than 45 seconds will give your team will be a penalty and could risk disqualification(Plus the enemy alliance will still keep the points of that flag).

  3. Obstacles: Each team will contain 2 of 3 obstacles, a low hole, a bump, and a wall, that can be placed on any gray tile. During autonomous, if your robot does one of these things, including : Climbing wall, going through the bump, or going through the hole, you will receive 20 points (After autonomous, the team with the highest number of points earns 10 points), and will be 10 points if you go through during driving period. Once a robot goes through one of the obstacles, there will be lights that will light up saying that the obstacle was used. Obstacles can be blocked by a robot, and the obstacles must not be harmed or it will be penalty. This will be like the obstacles in the FIRST Robotics Competitions.

  4. The lifting zone: The lifting zone will be an extra zone that the robots can extend and lift another robot. It will be a 2 mat by 2 mat square that the red teams’ will be on the middle-right (Opposite side of their side) and the blue teams’ will be on the middle-left. A low lift is worth 30 points, a high lift is worth 50 points, lifting a robot out of the field is worth 75 points, and having both yours’ and your alliances’ robot lifted out of the field is worth 125 points (This can be a really big game changer).

  5. The robot itself: The robot must stay inside of the 18 x 18 x 18 cube unless in the climbing zone. The robot must find a way to take the triangle cubes out without going out of the limit, and extending if not in the lift zone will get a penalty. The robots must start out with a max height of 18 inches, and will have the ability to extend at the 45 second mark in the climbing zone.

  6. Match match itself: There will be a 15 second autonomous, and will be given 1:45 for driving. There will be no lifting unless in the climbing zone, and there must be no damage of the field. The game is meant to have 50% defensive strategy, and 50% offensive strategy. This supports extremely overpowered drive trains and makes the robots more driving based, rather than a sentry turret just sniping for Nothing But Net.

Reply and tell me what you think :slight_smile: