2017 VEX Worlds Update


VEX Worlds 2017 Agenda!

With less than a month to go, these next few weeks are important ones as teams are planning for the VEX Robotics World Championship! We look forward to welcoming 1,400 teams to Louisville, KY, on April
19-25. This newsletter contains some important information you won’t want to miss, including the public agenda - http://www.roboticseducation.org/documents/2017/02/vex-worlds-2017-agenda.pdf - for the VEX Robotics World Championship!

VEX Worlds Team Parties!

The REC Foundation will offer a team party on Saturday, April 22, for VEX Robotics Competition and VEX U teams and a team party on Tuesday,April 25, for the VEX IQ Challenge teams following the conclusion of
their portion of VEX Worlds. The parties will be held at Kentucky Kingdom, a stunning amusement park located just steps from the Kentucky Expo Center. For more information about the events and to
pre-purchase tickets, visit: Team Party 2017 - http://gettravel.com/2017-vex-worlds-team-party/!

Louisville Bats Baseball Game!

PLAY BALL! If you’re searching for a safe and enjoyable place to entertain your students while in Louisville, look no further than a Louisville Bats baseball game. With a ballpark honored by national
publications as one of the nation’s best, the setting is perfect for hosting student groups and is located less than a mile from most downtown hotels. We’re inviting your group to take part in the FUN!
To reserve space for your students or receive more information, please visit: Louisville Bats - http://gettravel.com/louisville-bats-baseball-game/ . Capacity is limited for certain ticket packages, so early orders are encouraged. All groups will be finalized no later than April 14, 2017.

Join us for a Girl Powered Social!

The REC Foundation & VEX Robotics, look forward to welcoming all of the young women participating in the VEX IQ Challenge, VEX Robotics Competition, and with VEX U teams to join us for two special Girl
Powered Socials. The events will include special guest speakers and refreshments as we welcome our female competitors to the VEX Robotics World Championship in Louisville, KY. The events will be held for VEX Robotics Competition and VEX U teams on Wednesday, April 19 and then again for VEX IQ Challenge teams on Sunday, April 23.

Click below to reserve a spot for your girls!

April 19:

April 23:

Travel & Hotel Information

VEX Worlds 2017 promises to be an exceptional event, marking our third year at the Kentucky Expo Center with a new event schedule to accommodate more teams. As you plan your trip to Louisville, be sure to visit the hotel booking site - http://gettravel.com/2017-vex-robotics-world-championship/ - for a great selection of accommodations at discounted rates! In addition, to learn more about Louisville’s famous culinary scene, wide variety of museums and sporting venues, transportation, and more
be sure to check out the visitors welcome site as well: https://www.gotolouisville.com/vex-worlds-2017/

Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers are needed for all positions each day, and we are in greatest need of those who can help an entire day or multiple days. Learn more about the opportunities available, and register in our new
Shiftboard system today in order to sign up for volunteer shifts. Visit: RoboticsEducation.org/VEXWorldsVolunteers

The REC Foundation’s Mission Statement The REC Foundation seeks to increase student interest and involvement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) by engaging students in hands-on, sustainable, and affordable curriculum-based robotics engineering programs across the
U.S. and internationally. For more information, visit www.RoboticsEducation.org - http://www.roboticseducation.org .

Past E-Mails Available Archives of all email blasts from this season
can always be found here. - https://vexforum.com/index.php/conversations/e-mail-blast-archive