2018-2019 Game: VEX Turning Point

Yes, by having them hang on to each other and lean over the edge. Not saying it would be easy.

Where’s the water?

VEX decided to wait until next year for that.

Does anyone know if there is an expansion limit?

You’re limited to max 36" and unlimited height (like this year), however, this is only within the Expansion Zone. Outside that zone, you’re limited to 18"

Specifically, vertical expansion can only happen while you’re in the expansion zone. Horizontal can go up to 36" anywhere.

Thank you!

Good luck on the new season!

I have another question, where are the expansion zones located? If you have a picture it would be helpful.

The taped out U shape that contains 2 starting tiles is the expansion zone, unless I’m mistaken.

Yup, that’s what it looks like. Basically, the whole region you’d want to be in to lift to score on the vertical poles.

Does your whole robot or just part have to be within the zone.

The game is simple yet difficult. I would say it’s like combining NBN + In the Zone + Skyrise together. Which makes it difficult for teams to built a well rounded robot as youre building a lift for the post, and a launcher for the balls, since it’s a low-scoring game, you’re really gonna want to get those flags.

Only partly:

The ball is just a sphere with a 3 inch diameter, so it shouldn’t be that difficult to make. The cap is a bit more tough though.

I was a little upset that the driver loads had been removed as with previous years. I also think that this game is going to be a pain to program, and fun to see 4 subsystems again, if not more. I feel like 6 motors and pneumatics is really eh with the V5, but we’ll see.

(Yes, I posted this in the wrong thread. I’m bad.)

What is the autonomous line? I cant seem to find it in the rule book.

The balls look like bankshot.

You’re not allowed to contact the other half of the field during autonomous. It is in there.

@callen thanks!