2018-2019 Game

So we are far enough into the In The Zone season to start our predictions for the 2018-2019 Vex game. Im standing strong on the idea of gear shaped scoring objects. What about you guys? I would like to hear your opinions


@steven1233f I wish!
I think that pyramids, rope, and ramps are all good contenders.

I think there will be some sort of uneven surface again with a bunch of “speed bumps” and obstructions, similar to Toss up and In the Zone. Scoring objects will be small, irregularly shaped, and will need to be scored into an elevated goal in the middle of the field.

We do not need to start this conversation yet. Besides, we already know it’s going to be a Water Game

Ramps actually sound like a ton of fun

Does it seem like skyrise with cones to anyone else?
Also I am 99% sure there will be no push bot meta this year.


sadly its not legal to make a pushbot because the manual says that object can only be moved out of there way

so no there will be no pushbots

You can push the mobile goals around.

yeah but without game pieces we probably wont see much of this


There isn’t much to push, you won’t be very functional without a partner that can stack.


I bet it’ll have some ball shooting too

It hasn’t even been a day and people are already thinking of the next year?! At least give this year a chance.

Water game with gear shaped objects that you have to place on a machine in order to reveal the true scoring element which is assembling a nothing but net net underwater.

Should I check, or did you say that last year?

Look, as the season wears on like this, some of us are ready to start thinking ahead. Given that this year’s game is solved, and we’re well on the way to seeing field-clearing perfect scores in the skills runs, the challenges here just aren’t that great.

The real veterans and visionaries see this, and they need to think ahead. I have to say, @SMHSRobotics has consistently shown the ability to start solving the next puzzle. You should check the history, and see what he’s said in the past before you come to any conclusion.

His kind of leadership should be aplauded, not derided.

Here, let me give you this: /s