2018-2019 Game

So I pretty much know where this is going, but i want to hear so of thoughts on what the next game might be.

I think it will be throwing balls, like nothing but net.

And you have to collect the balls from a pool of water.

w a t e r g a m e

I just want another shooting game.

I would like to see something like sack attack but with the nbn no expansion rule. Shooting beanbags would be very challenging and interesting. Otherwise something with hundreds/thousands of scoring objects would be great fun as well

Sack attack except you fill the troughs with water instead of bags.

Hmm some pumping could be done with pneumatics there if you fill them with water.

you stack other robots on top of each other.

when do we find out next years competition anyways?

They announce next years competition after the world finals.

@JuiceBox they’ve announced the new game on April 22nd for the past games though on youtube, isn’t that before worlds?

Nope, the finals for worlds last year was one April 22nd.

@JuiceBox i seen on an ad last year it was televised in june, maybe it wasn’t live

Yea worlds is in April it usually gets televised sometime over the summer so that would make sense

Waterproof cortex = Water game confirmed!

I read something on the forums that v5 is not confirmed to be waterproof


A precision dumping challenge like IQ Crossover would be a lot of fun. I also think it would be cool to see a game where defense is a legitimate strategy but actually requires a well refined bot to be effective.

I think trying to get around in a pit filled with balls or foam cubes would be… interesting. It would make teams have to completely rethink their drive base.