2018-2019 Game

I think that would be a little too much for a VEX bot to handle. However, I think it would be interesting to see a challenge where a field element requires some sort of grip wheel.

For once tank treads could be practical!!

No. Not ever.

The cortex is not waterproof.

It will be nothing but net with cones. underwater.

Torpedoes is the word you search for.

tank treads

I wanna see tank treads become META next year

I’m still waiting for the day that using leg wheels on your drive is the norm

Are you trying to tell me my 12 motor turbo tank tread pushbot isn’t the meta?

Yes and shame on you

Frisbees anyone?

personally, if they do a game similar to what a youtube video showed, a game called breakthrough, it would be pretty awesome, i just don’t like the foam blocks and the middle zones, that part is kind of dumb.

NOOOOOO!!! Were the mogos not heavy enough! Why would you want to lift something that can be even heavier.

Have you seen NBN? Lifting 20+ lb bots over the field perimeter.
I remember watching the Open Division (or something) for US Open that year where it was 100 points or something like that for moving your robot out of the field. I can’t find any videos anywhere, so if anyone has any, please share.

Yes! something like descoring scoring pieces, where a match can turn around because of defense without all robots crashing into each other like battlebots. Also a shooting game, maybe with mini frisbees.

here is a video of one of the amazing nbn robots. they were the best team in georgia
the showcase of the robot lifting is near the end

From what I’ve seen. Vex has a 3-year cycle of game types. It goes balls (Nothing But Net), Big Objects (Starstruck), then Precision (Skyrise, In The Zone). It seems to be that the Big Objects category is the perfect time to get new teams into VEX, while the other two provide veteran teams with new challenges. Regardless, I would like to see VEX Hydra but it will likely be a ball game (which my freshmen have been dying for).

I was referring to matches from the Open Division at US Open. I think that 675E high elevation was one of the best though. I probably liked Robonauts’ the most just because the deploy was cool.

Oh, so new game idea. The floor is ice.

Next years game will be a shooting game but at a smaller level. The game next year will have plastic pucks as the game object. The goal will be to shoot them in floor slots and elevated goals. There will be a lift sort of thing except your bot will have to climb on to an elevated platform. Just a guess.