2018-2019 Game


300 balls are on the field, some red some blue. The balls will need to be too big for a mass lift, but too small for a shooter. The with a 3 to 4 foot goal in the middle. Whoever gets the most balls of their color in the goal wins. Extra points for lifting teammate onto 1 foot platform.


I want to see a climbing game. NBN balls scattered around the field and a raised platform in the middle (6x6 feet, 2 feet above the ground) where the goal is. You can either launch the balls from the bottom and try to score, or climb onto the platform and dump them. At the end, the bonus is how many of the OPPONENT’s bots are on the ground level, but it’s only like 1 ball per bot (maybe 2).


No, no limits on the amount of scoring objects possessed, I hate sg9 as it is.


Personally, Sg9 isn’t as bad as I originally thought. Instead of robots having like a 3 or 4 cone capacity, robots have to focus on stacking speed instead of how many they can carry. I thought the rule was a great implication


I feel that this rule did prevent crazy hoarding strategies and robots however it also limited designs significantly. I think there would probably be more interesting and varied designs without SG9.


I really do want to see a game where the biggest design debate isn’t your intake type.


thinking face


Vex has a pattern where the game objects go from small to medium to large. This year it was large, so next year might be small



Id love to see that lol…


I would really like to see a game where you slide round puck-like objects under some bar or something and get them into different point areas. and you could use pucks to knock out your opponents pucks or something. and there would be hard to reach goals that require shots to ricochet off of the perimeter.


I think that there could be a ball game where, in the center of the field, there is a big, wide cylindrical type tall scoring goal which scores less points, and then smaller goals in every corner on the arena which are worth more points, and then the balls would come in two different types, a smaller ball which can only be scored in the center goal, and would come in much greater quantity, and larger balls that can only be scored in the corner goals which would come in less quantity. The larger balls could be set in a ring around the center goal, and the smaller ones could be in like bunches of four around the field. The different ball sizes could prove to be quite a challenge when creating the designs, so it would be cool to see what people come up with. The new game could be called “Hole in One”

Idea inspired by a title I saw from another forum post


Objects i want:
8-10 lb (4-5 kg) bowling balls
Hockey pucks
Golf balls


Just think about something:

Since a modified version of a clawbot (essentially) became META for Starstruck, what if other normally weak robot types could be buffed in some way to become the most effective design in future games? In that case, what would a buffed pushbot look like, and what type of game would it be effective in?


Also, I’m interested to see if a game will be released that renders wheel legs relevant in some way.


A ball hoarding game of sorts could make something of these bare simple bots viable, like pushing them into scoring areas. Although this may be too similar to in the zone’s mobile goals.


I just want something that requires a drive base that is actually mechanically interesting, because a person can only handle so many years of the standard drive base before they want to explore other possibilities…(suspension…?) Of course the game would have to be designed in a way that still allows less advanced teams to compete without overly complicated mechanisms


Whatever it is, it’s going to give an unfair advantage to teams with v5.


Naturally, the Cortex isn’t waterproof.


Well they will probably try to make it equal for both v5 users and cortex users, but inherently there are advantages that come with v5. However, if the game requires a crap ton of subsystems (like 8 or 9) then v5 will be at a disadvantage because you pretty much need at least 1 motor per subsystem, and 2 motors for drive (unless you do shared motor stuff or weird rubber band powered stuff)


I agree. VEX made V5 to be competitive with other robotics competitions, it’s not financially viable or in their ethos for them to give an advantage to either system this next year.