2018-2019 Game


I expect something like starstruck where there are only a few major subsystems, giving both the Cortex and V5 an equal playing field. 6 motor lifts were common in SS, so with V5 that would probably be a 2-4 motor lift, and a 2-4 motor drivetrain instead of a 4-6 with the Cortex. You get the same performance either way, you just need to use a few more motors with the Cortex system. The main thing I’m interested in is the Vision sensor. Obviously this is a big advantage for V5, and I’m wondering how they’ll balance that out.


The new programming software, it looks like MODKIT, and MODKIT is the worst thing in existence.


i would love a game like this, maybe a little bit of small, medium, and large combined


I quote @20rzaugg when he said "that is literally just ITZ with buckets and balls.


Yeah but you can also use full C++, and if that still isn’t good enough PROS and RobotMesh will be available on day 1


True, but that will make teams have to work harder for an advantage with V5.


Robot Mesh studio will already let you create a project for V5 (beta) using either C or Python. C++ will be available soon, but I’m not sure exactly when. Try it here (if you have a beta V5 unit).


I think that the 8 motor max (correct me if I’m wrong) for v5 systems is a pretty fair compromise, I don’t think that the vision sensors will become necessary to victory in a game for at least a couple years, to give more teams a chance to purchase the new electronics.


That robotmesh beta for the v5 API is actually really, really, good. I just hope the VCS is just as good. If not, Python is a lot easier of an introduction point for the teams I coach.


I have a theory, hear me out…
Clean Sweep-Very Similar to starstruck, no defense allowed, throwing objects over fence, same type of scoring.
Round Up- Very Similar to Vex in the Zone, Movable Goals, stacking of rings-stacking of cones.
These games came after each other
Therefore if vex follows this pattern, next years game is going to be a lot like gateway, possibly human interaction with the field, and like various scoring elements.
What do you guys think?


Id love to see a revival of an old game, from before the creation of newer parts, and 393 motors. Id love to see if people start with the worlds designs, then evolve those designs


No we want our 10000 field element game like FRC steamworks


Bridge Battle 2018


they normally release it around april-ish


Maybe they could have pool noodles under the balls, and it would be played a lot like starstruck. the balls would be red and it would be called…
dun dun dun
spaggetti ballonese


I really want a game where it is really easy to score a high amount of points. It’s fun having matches with extremely high scores, and having skills scores of over 200 like this year.
Also, I’m fine with any game that doesn’t need a flywheel.


I would agree with you but the game needs to have a back and forth motion like starstruck which makes it interesting.


You could have objects that once they are scored you get points but then they are recycled as the driver loads.


Therefore, we’re gonna have to wait for 2-3 years for the Cortex to phase out so we can have our water game.


they need to do a game without a lift, although they are fun, nothing but net was a cool concept and many ideas can sprout from it, like back and forth scoring games