2018 Team 62 Reveal

After 4 years, team 62a is proud to present our final vex robot: Metamorphosis

This robot was designed to be extremely defensive and follow the unconventional philosophy that you can deny points much faster than scoring them.
Let me know if you have any questions!
(yes, both robots are identical)

is it good?

Nice robot!

Looking forward to seeing you play!

Nice design guys good job

I love the anodized metal, it’s so nice.

Odd design, but nice to see some change for once :slight_smile:

This is an interesting bot with strong capabilities. Good Work!

Whose robot is doing the preloads???

That is a really cool reveal and a maybe cooler robot!

Good luck 62!


Looking good guys! I’m happy to finally see another 4-bar/chainbar design.

Nice Meta-breaker, although I’m glad I’m in middle school because that would be a pain to play against

Honestly, I predict you performing very well, however I see something happening to get you disqualified, even if its not deserved. This is coming from my past experience in the the strong defensive mindset, as referees see “doesn’t receive the same protections” as equating to “defense is a disqualification”. This mindset results in the ref seeing descored cones, or mobile goals being pushed, or any similar illegality, for the result, and completely ignoring how the situation got to where it is. This can result in refs ignoring that it was the offensive robot at fault for the cones becoming off the stack, resulting in a DQ for the defensive robot.

I’m not trying to say that all refs are bad, or the rules are slanted in favor of one team or another. I’m simply trying to say that @Cameron Schiller needs to be careful in how he drives, as referees will be watching his robot to the exclusion of the others in the match. This robot will go as far as the referees allow it to, which could be all the way, or cut short of victory.

Causally plays defense on 2 teams at once :slight_smile:

Awesome to see the practice bot. Surprised more teams don’t do this in VEX

Doesn’t the mobile goal tipper portion technically ‘grasp’ the mobile goal according to SG6?

<SG6> Robots may not intentionally grasp, grapple or attach to any Field Elements or the opposing
Mobile Goals

The mobile goal tipper is just the cone intake being used in a different way, if they get called on it I’m sure they’ll stop tipping mogos in that way.

@pkrish @Easton There are Q+As and lots of precedented matches where mogo tipping is done and very clearly legal. They are completely fine.

I agree that they are fine, I was just saying if for some reason they get called out for grasping, they can just tip mobile goals a different way since they aren’t hard to tip, or they can just use it as their cone grabber only, since it is multi-purpose

I took another look at the video and it is not the cone grabber that tips mogos. They have a separate plastic attachment on the side of the mogo lift that they use to tip it over. That is the portion I was curious about and if it complied with <SG6>.