2018 TSA VEX results?

Anybody know the skills scores from the 2018 TSA VEX tournament?

We (765A) won skills with 188 (104 driver and 84 programming). Second place was 9227A I think with 102 driver and 72 programming. Highest driver skills score was 110 from 1961U and highest programming was from us. 1961U ended up winning the tournament.

Good job! Thanks for the info.

Jeez, 1961 is everywhere…

Lol it wasn’t our best we have gotten 120 in driver and our programming was supposed to do 72, unfortunately, we had potentiometer issues for the entire tournament which was pretty disappointing.

Rip. Well nice job overall. You did really well.

My robot had a earthquake on my side of the field, and decided to tilt my bot sideways and shove a cone underneath… so…RIP. Its ok tho my school still won. lol

@Duke4221c RIP Indeed

yea… I meant earthquake meaning, when 1961U when up to grab their second cone and drive forward, i was picking up my 3rd cone and so like two bots clashed and since they have more torque they lifted my whole robot up. It was kinda funny ngl. And since I rlly didnt have a chance at winning after that since 1961U and 1961X are relatively equal in skill, I kinda memed around the rest of the match. I put a mogo in front of their autoloader, stacked only on stationary 10 high, etc. it was fun to drive lol. @1961Uranium care to confirm?

Yea lol that was pretty funny.