2019-2020 Referee Training Videos

The 2019-2020 Referee Training videos are now available on YouTube. They can be viewed here:

VRC Tower Takeover

VIQC Squared Away


I’m playing “Find all the Easter eggs”, but have only found 2 so far in the first six episodes.

*Cones from ITZ placed inside the towers
*The robot playing defense near the end of Chapter 4 is a V5 robot with a 393 motor claw

Also, just a minor gripe about the VRC video, specifically about DQ’s

< SG3G> outright states that that specific scenario is a Disqualification, match affecting or not. I highly doubt this is possible, but is there a way to change the example so that a true match-affecting disqualification occurs, such as stealing a cube from another robot? I’d assume not, but I feel that this should be noted.


Honestly, these videos are great. They directly talk about issues from the last season, like pinning and trapping, and try to solve them.


I really enjoy the videos so much.