2019 - 2020 VEX Robotics Competition - Tower Takeover

Anyone know the weight of the cubes? I tried going through the manual and appendixes but I found nothing.

My screen looks the same as yours but my score is 141

odd, I was able to recreate it so I don’t think it was bugged

Looks like VRC Hub App is bugged (at least on android). Replicating @Fmaj7add9’s configuration only netted me 141 pts

well dang

alright, lemme do the actual math instead of having a computer do it. Putting a cube +1s the score of scored cubes of the same color.
So 2 orange cubes in towers = 3pt Orange
2 green cubes in towers = 3pt Green
3 purple cubes in towers = 4pt Purple

20 * 3pts = 60pts of orange
20 * 3pts = 60pts of green
19 * 4pts = 76pts of purple
plus 6 points for winning auton

60+60+76+6 = 202 points in total.

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You forgot to add autonomous

I didn’t though???

I don’t understand what you see?

here its a bit more zoomed in:

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Did anyone else notice the rule where adults can’t coach teams from the bleachers?


That makes sense. It also extends to other students, I believe.

mentors / coaches. I guarantee parents in the stands will still yell “score the cubes” at their kids

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They announced at Vex worlds that there will be no expansion limits.


Whats the rules on hoarding?

Hoarding is legal this year


7.732" inner diameter, 4" from top to inner-bottom

How many teams actually have V5 systems for this season? I am wondering if it is even worth registering this year since I only have Cortex systems and if all of my competition has V5, I won’t stand a chance.

nearly all of the teams will have v5. your best bet is to reach out to local teams and see if anyone can lend you a set. or try to get some money to buy yourself a set.