#2019-2020 Vex Water game

Lets start protesting for vex to make a water game #2019-2020 Vex Water game

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I’m all for the water game, but not as big on the protest aspect of it.

Definition of beat a dead horse
chiefly US, informal

1 : to keep talking about a subject that has already been discussed or decided I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but I still don’t understand what happened.

2 : to waste time and effort trying to do something that is impossible Is it just beating a dead horse to ask for another recount of the votes?


I strongly agree.


The definition posts always make me laugh. I love these.

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Battle Royale

I heard it was going to be flame throwers until Elon Musk’s Boring Company started producing and selling them. Now it’s too easy, so they’re considering something else. Let’s hope it’s something interesting…

But umm, the Boring Company doesn’t sell flamethrowers , they’re temperature enhancement devices.

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Protesting for a water game will not force GDC to make the water game.

There are also risks of making a water game, such a spilling the water where robots could damage the motors or other electronics installed on your robot.

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I stand corrected. I’m sure your terminology is correct.

Just makes me think of Material Emancipation Grills…

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After a quick trip to the Portal Wiki…



I personally don’t get why people want to turn vex into a water game. I mean the parts that we have to build from are not suited for water, and there are other competitions like underwater robotics. why not do that? I honestly only think of the idea of turning vex into a water game as a meme.


That’s literally the point…

You both have to understand that a water game is some serious business. You list a few downfalls but the point of robotics is to innovate and design according to every new game. A water game would bring some incredible designs out, I’m all for it 100%

“Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.” - William Pollard

GDC what are water you waiting for :stuck_out_tongue:


e·man·ci·pate əˈmansəˌpāt/

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that’s good right?

I have already suggested to @[TVA]Connor that the alliance name be changed to Terrestrial VEX Aquatics in preperation.

Oyes, give us some time sir and we will change the name in no time. :wink:

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I’m sorry but I don’t want a water game my senior year people