#2019-2020 Vex Water game


VEX Clean Sweep, I guess you guys memed it up previously?


If anyone has any information about a potential water game…

…please, no leaks.


Big water reservoir in the middle of field. Robots can take water from it. Object of game is to hose the other team with water, disabling their robots.


Sounds good. After all, what could possibly go wrong?


Sounds entertaining. Would make for some interesting shapes though

why does your robot have an 8 motor drivetrain?


I feel like vex games are slowly getting closer to battle bots… Like we had a race thing for a year then last years game which was defensey and now this year where we are battling it out at the end for the platform… Watch them merge w/ battle bots next year omg


I can kind of see that happening, but the problem with that is they’d have to get their crap together for orders and reduce the price for parts, because people would go through parts super fast.


there is not going to be a water game because of cortex


‘Water Game’ is a joke. People say this every year.


No, no, there’s was a leak this time…