2019 42700 All-Team Reveal

Here’s our mid-late season robots. We might release individual explanations for each in the future.

Quick summary:
42700A: X drive w/ non tilting lift tray
42700D: Mecanum drive w/ tube lift
42700N: H drive w/ tilting lift tray

Please ask questions about our robots. I’m on N team but I can answer questions about each robot or pass them on.


Very cool

Wait so does 42700A just not stack? Do they just score and descore towers?

Nice. The China Town Squad is comingto town bois.

That’s right. They are great at tower swapping

What do you mean by that?

All your bots have Chinese names
Oop I meant coming to town lol

Nvm japanese

L2A, Japanese names :>

Kanji + Kana not Pinyin


Oh. Whup. Are your controllers called senpai then?

Nope, just the robots. Our mentor is Japanese and suggested Japanese names (FRC and VRC)


What is considered early season mid season, and late season. Because it has been about 5 months since the challenge was released, but there are still 7 months left until worlds, which is the end of the season.

Mid season is states, late season is worlds

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So basically as in season it refering the phrases of the tournaments and not the actual season itself?

Regional in China and many countries are in December. Gives them time to get travel, visas together. Coming to the US is a pain. :slight_smile: Given THEIR schedule, it’s getting late…


Our season basically ends in January. FRC is the big competition in Hawaii.


Huh. How well is not being able to stack but being able to swap fast working in competition?

We’ll see, it’s their first competition today.


Ah cool. May the Force be with them!

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Wonderful robots! Could you reflair this as “robot showcase”? I almost missed it.
Also, your N team has a tray on a dr4b? I’d like to see more of that.

Ok so fast swap isnt useful unless your partner can get a stack in auto and then can get two more so you can focus on autonomous. Defense is basically useless in this game.