2019 Texas State Events


Texas is divided into multiple regional state events that qualify to VEX worlds.

High School Events:
San Antonio Regional - 20 Teams

El Paso Regional - 27 Teams

Dallas Regional - 45 Teams

Houston Regional - 60 Teams

Middle School Events:
Dallas MS Regional - 22 Teams

San Antonio MS Regional - 18 Teams

Houston MS Regional - 24 Teams

Houston & Dallas both will have a webcast.
Good luck to all the teams this weekend !


Tfw SW texas has like 4 MS teams for every HS team…


El Paso wrapped up their Regional State event this past weekend. El Paso got 4 spots to VEX worlds.

Next year , I hope RECF allocates more Texas-World qualifying spots to skills. Skills allows the best teams from Texas to attend VEX worlds.


Was the North Texas HS archived? The webcast link doesn’t work anymore.


It never worked. I think they decided not to stream it.


The Houston stream is on vimeo.