2020-2021 VEX IQ field design

When does the new field design get released for the 2020–2021 school year

The game will happen at Worlds, but the field size growth is public knowledge now.

Order your expansion kit (1/2 field) now to avoid the rush in a few months.

We have the entire field and the squared up equipment I’m just curious when does vex design the new competition field for the following school year does that make sense

For Squared Up, you play on 8’x4’ fields, for the 2020-21 game Flippy Flop, you play on the 6’x8’ field.

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The new games will be announced at the closing ceremony at Worlds - April 25 for VRC and April 28 for IQ.

As far as “when do they design the new game”, months/years in advance of release - there are long lead times required to get all the elements manufactured, make sure the manual and particular rules are finalized, etc.

I have no way of knowing this for sure but I would guess that the 2021-22 games have already been thought up, at least on a preliminary basis.


I appreciate you answering Thanks!!

I would assume that the game has to be in production by January, and they work on each iteration for a couple of years… So at this point they are producing the 20-21 games, about halfway done with the 21-22 games, and starting some ideas about the 22-23 games…

As you said, I have no way of knowing for sure…


What is Flippy Flop? They haven’t released the official event.

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Welcome SavageDonkey to the VEX forum. You are right, the official 2020-2021 game hasn’t been released yet. I was using the game name “Flippy Flop ™” as a place holder for the new game. Thanks!