2020-21 game rules

image I’m a bit confused about rule SG8. I think it means that you can have 3 balls of the opposite alliances color in your possession at any point though out the match but you can have momentary possession of more balls. Am I correct?

Also if anyone has any questions on rules feel free to post them hear.

You are correct. you can posses up to 3 of your opponent’s balls but an infinite # of your own. If you are possessing more than 3, all actions must be stopped except those that are attempting to get rid of the excess balls


Ahhhh. Thank you. That makes much more sense now.

Ok, I have a question just regarding the robot, and I’m too lazy to look in the manual. Is it legal to have a primary and secondary robot? Like, taking Tower Takeover as an example, can I have a clawbot and a traybot(just an example)? Just wondering.

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Probably worth taking the time to read the manual to be fair.


Your bio says you want to work at NASA someday. You should read the manual. Twice. Do so if only to practice reading technical documents. You won’t regret it.


What you suggested is not legal under rule R1.Capture


Ok, thanks.

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