2020 Online Challenge Finalists Posted

Apologies to all…it does take some time to go through and get all of the finalists posted!

This was a superb season for our Online Challenges! Students, you should all be very proud of your submissions. The preliminary judging is complete and finalists have been selected. We had over 1100 entries in our eight categories and with a lot of wonderful judges who volunteered hours to help make the process fair, we have selected over 200 entries into the finalist stage. Finalist judges will be selected this week and the winners will be announced on March 4, 2020.


Where can we find if we are on the finalists list?


Where do we find out about who the finalists are?


It says the finalists are posted, but they’re not. At least not anywhere that I can see.

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Nope I still cant find them…someone help?

Thank you so much…where are the finalist lists?

Tweber, thanks for all your hard work. Can you please post the pathway / where we can find the link to the finalists as I also am unable to find it. Thanks!

You should be able to see them now


When they are posted, you will see them under “view finalists”, which is next to “all entries”.