2021 - 2022 Competition Game Kits - Now Available to Pre-Order

This is not a drill, or a leak.

For the first time ever, we will be accepting pre-orders for the new, unreleased game kits. They are now available to pre-order from the following links:

VRC Full Field Kit - https://www.vexrobotics.com/21-22-vrc-fullfield.html
VRC Game Element Kit - https://www.vexrobotics.com/276-7049.html
VRC Field Element Kit - https://www.vexrobotics.com/21-22-field-elements.html
VRC Scoring Element Kit - https://www.vexrobotics.com/276-7188.html

VIQC Full Field Kit - https://www.vexrobotics.com/21-22-viqc-fullfield.html
VIQC Scoring Element Kit -https://www.vexrobotics.com/228-7054.html

Don’t panic, you’re not going to learn anything about the games yet. This is solely to allow our customers to reserve their kits, in advance of the games being released at the VEX Robotics Live Remote World Championships. We expect game kits to begin shipping in Mid-June.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Yes, that is just you


Not exactly true. This has revealed something about the new game.

Look at the scoring element kit. It contains 2 game objects for $5.

This implies that the new game will only have 1 kind of scoring element, and that there will be more of them. IIRC the Tower Takeover and Change Up kits of the same kind come with only one cube and one ball, respectively.


Yes, got to agree, based on comparing to the past season prices:

Foam elements confirmed?


Oh gosh, that looks like such a pain of a game element.

even though I am graduating for iq, I wanna see a cone game.


Judging from the pages, looks like we’re going to be playing on a 12 foot by 12 foot vex logo, with the game peices also being vex logos. Even the field elements are vex logos! I must say, the 2021-2022 vex robotics competition: GAME sure is shaping up to be interesting.


red water and blue bottled water?
Ah someone beat me on water game posts :eyes:


I went trough the pre-order forms, trying to see what are the shipping costs. And the cheapest FedEx home delivery to my neck of the woods is:

Item Name Item price Shipping
Scoring Element Kit (2 objects) $4.99 $16
Game Element Kit (full) $49.99 $20
Field Element Kit 1 $289.99 $43
Field Element Kit 2 $199.99 $40
Game & Field Element Kits 1&2 $499.00 $97

So, I will leave it as an exercise to you, math whizzes, to calculate relative and approximate weights of the packages to give you more hints about their content.

For comparison VRC Change Up - Game Element Kit would cost me $20 to ship.


I collected some information on prices to try and estimate total number of game peices. The prices vary a lot though and there is very limited data on vex’s website so this will be incredibly rough.

in change up it costs 4.99 for one ball.
it costs 79.99 for 18 balls, which is about 4.44 per ball.

so a ball was 1.12 times more expensive when purchased individually than when purchased in the kit.

in this game, it costs 4.99 for 2 peices.
and it costs 49.99 for all the peices.

so if we assume that pairs of 2 peices are about 1.12 times more expensive when bought individually (like it is for change up) then pairs of peices bought as a kit should cost around 4.44 (for two peices mind you)

This means each piece in the kit should cost around 2.22 each.
49.99/2.22 = 22.5, lets round down to 22 because an odd number of peices doesn’t seem likely.

Therefore, I estimate there will be 22 game peices total next year.

(assuming there is only one type of game piece this year, if there is a secondary piece that is part of the kit but not available for individual purchase, then that throws everything off)

I’m not considering values for tower takeover because the cubes purchased individually were almost twice as expensive as cubes purchased through the kit, and I don’t really understand why that was.


well, a change up game element kit weighs 3024 grams (not including packaging), so if this game’s element kit(full) costs the same to ship, it should weigh roughly the same. (3024 grams). But if there are 22 game peices in a full kit (which is my extremely rough guess) that would be about 137.5 grams per piece. about 0.8 times the weight of a change up ball, so pretty light.

of course, shipping price is obviously not linearly proportional to package weight, and there are a ton of other factors involved in shipping costs, so who knows how accurate my estimate will turn out to be.


Tobias, maybe take a look at the In The Zone prices? That was another game with only one element.

I would, but unfortunately in the zone also had mobile goals, which I believe were shipped with the cones in the game element kit.

also there doesn’t appear to be a price for the game element kit on https://www.vexrobotics.com/past-vrc-kits.html, so even it they weren’t I couldn’t know how much that kit cost, or how many items were in it.

but what I can do is directly compare the in the zone scoring element kit (the one with only 2 cones in it) and that cost 5.99.

so we can presume that whatever elements we’re getting next season will be about 50 cents cheaper to manufacture than the itz cones where.


<< Tons of analysis on what the kits are, weight, etc. >>

This may be the start of why we can’t have nice things :slight_smile:


additionally, we are assuming that the scoring element kit will contain 2 of the same element.

but, it does not specify that, so it is possible that there could be an equal number of 2 entirely different peices, and this kit comes with one of each. (not just different as in some red/blue)


I think this is probably more likely. The 2 field element kits imply both a) that there are two ways to score elements and b) that these are expensive. Perhaps one element corresponds with one field kit and another element corresponds with the second field kit.

you can’t give a bunch of math nerds some data on something we all really want to know about and not expect us to wring every last drop of possible information we can squeeze from it.


Actually this enjoyable to watch!

What do y’all think the price of water proof casings are?!?


Backed by VRC legal Water Game - priceless!

Otherwise - illigal, per <R13>, common sense, and countless tears of young VRC competitors dreaming of making a splash at the next VEX competition.


Is this a hint at V6??? :eyes:


V6 dropping this year, but really it won’t be out until the end of the season and most people won’t be able to get it. Includes some really hard to get GPU because of the global chip shortage to run AI on. Waterproof out of the box.

To provide compatibility with this game, we will all need the V5 water game covers.