2021-2022 Season

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is safe and healthy during these uncertain times, the reason I am creating this post is that I wanted to know everyone’s opinions and thoughts about how the 2021-2022 vex season will look like, and how would it look different from previous seasons. Furthermore, this previous season, I really did not participate in Vex because our school did not allow us to compete at local events, so I am pretty much a beginner and clueless about what is currently happening in the vex community. Additionally, I was trying to find the 2021-2022 vex robotics problem, however, it seems that Vex has not released the 2021-2022 problem yet, which is quite odd because in previous years they usually release the problem in late April, don’t they. Anyway, I am looking forward to everyone’s input about how next year’s vex robotics season is going to look like. I hope everyone has an amazing day. Thank You!!!


Next years game will be revealed on May 22nd at around 630-9 pm central time. I hope that things are completely normal other than a few less ri3ds, but things didn’t age so well in this thread:


Okay, thank you so much for this information I really do appreciate it. Also if you don’t mind me asking what do you mean by things didn’t age so well in this thread.

It started with everyone saying that things would be normal this season, yet this season was far from normal with even worlds being delayed and virtual.

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Gotcha, you said something about virtual events. How do these events work exactly???

Just look up LRT. It stands for live remote tournament. There is a whole section of the manual all about it. It is too late to try one now though.

I am aware, I was just curious about how it would have been held and I mean it still could happen next year. Well, I think you guys answered all my questions so I thank you. I am still going to leave this forum open if anyone else wants to put their input on next year’s season or has any other questions.

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