2021-2022 VEX Tipping Point robot reveals


looks like some good progress you have there. I’m curious how well that ring scoring mechanism works, specifically the transfer of rings from the conveyor to the goals. This seems like it will be the most difficult part of roller and conveyor based intakes like you have.

It’s not my robot i just posted it because i know some teams are looking for ideas for this years competition and can’t really find anything. Also i wish this was my robot, but my team hasn’t started building yet.


Most designs I’ve seen so far don’t seem to account for the fact that the platform will sit level for most of the match, and they need to be able push down one end of the ramp.


You might consider renaming this thread so it is not so ambiguous.



Vex Tipping Point claw release


Vex Tipping Point meta ring claw

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67101C Tipping Point reveal (For goals)

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Vex Tipping Point early season reveal preview Team 1469A

You might consider giving a brief description of each video rather than just post links. It would be helpful.


And/or consolidating all the links into one post… each link probably doesn’t need it’s own post.

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What are materials that you used on the conveyor belt and the elevator?

Not really a robot reveal but I wanted to share my idea with the forum . We can technically hold 3 mobile goals ( 2on the back 1 on the front) and safely hold one With heavy defense. 


Very interesting robot!

Hey! Could I see more pictures of your robot?

These are the only pictures I have at the moment.

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This idea is so ridiculously amazing! I thought of doing something like your mogo intake, but less steep. Do you think that this idea can drop mogos into a flat polycarb tray?