2021-2022 VRC Game Predictions

You meet to build a coil gun to shoot HS pinions to knock out targets. The refs wear Kevlar vests.

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Railgun time

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My hope would be (although I’m out of HS next year) that next year’s game is a heavily shooting oriented game. I’d like it if it could be similar to Turning Point in the back and forth aspect. Just change all the other main aspects so it isn’t TP again obviously. More scoring options is better for sure, and a game that requires a fast and light robot would be great. Plus, something where no specific robot design creates a singular meta would be amazing…


Honestly, I prefer games where the robots manipulate the game elements rather than shooting them. It seems more … challenging? strategic? coordinated? requiring a better rounded robot? TT did that well. While one meta (Traybots) reigned supreme, DR4B’s were still competitive. Anyway, manipulating the elements leads to more diverse robot designs. This year all robots are essentially snail bots in some form or another.


This could be really cool, and solve the issue of short drivers.


I’m willing to guess there will be an endgame next year. We’re 2 seasons in a row without one, and I think it will be more than just parking somewhere.


Ever since Nothing but Net the games have been alternating between swing games and cumulative scoring games, so I’d say there’s a decent chance next year’s game isn’t primarily a swing game

nbn: cumulative
starstruck: swing
in the zone: cumulative
turning point: swing
tower takeover: cumulative
change up: swing


I really like how TT was challenging because the blocks were slippery and did not have a way of interlocking to make stacking easier. That was definitely a good way of making the manipulation interesting as opposed to brainless and monotonous.

I will definitely defend shooting though. I think shooting is far more interesting (at its core without any extra challenging aspects) than manipulation in terms of gameplay. I just enjoy shooting stuff and watching game elements fly. The target element of TP was really well done imo. Plus, there was actually a diverse meta for one of the three seasons I get to compete.

The best game might be a combination of manipulation and shooting. It would also be great for it to support strong defensive strategies and fast drivetrains, both things which seem to make gameplay more fun (to me anyway).


I am really hoping for some diversity, multiple game objects/differ goals. Like, imagine how much more challenging change up would be if some goals held 4 balls and others held 3.


I’d like a shooting game (mostly because I designed a drop off cam catapult I’d like to use) . I’d also like a game with one hanging place, or another climb one.


Honestly as long as our sister teams don’t lose the will to continue halfway through the season I’m fine with whatever game we get. I still have a wish list though

  1. Not back and forth
  2. Qr4bs are the meta
  3. Win worlds

Also happy birthday @VexTeamZ


Yeah. We have one team that qualified for worlds last year through skills roll downs, and now they think online worlds is beneath them. They made a tiny little bot that probably won’t work because they just do FRC now.

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That’s an awesome idea! If the center goal was taller that would change the game so much!


It would change it up?


I don’t think a taller center goal would change the gameplay very much. I think people wouldn’t bother making a separate mechanism to score, and just stick one ball in the bottom. It just wouldn’t be worth the extra effort/weight to score it


Lifting game, hopefully involving high heights or goals that require more movement strategy. Also, maybe a high hang? It’s been a long while since they’ve been part of scoring.
@enothecool In tower takeover, basically everyone did ignore the Center goal, lending further credence to that idea
(Edit, consolidating my posts)


Yeah I agree that having to make lifts would definitely make it more enjoyable. I do want a game where we need to lift/shoot because that means there are many ways to successfully go about the game. Something that sounds fun to me too would be a high up tray that we have to shoot balls into (like sack attack) and we also stack stuff (like skyrise)


No, not Qr4b. Either Dr4b or Qr8b (laughs in 12 foot towers).

Honestly, the Center Goal was my favorite part of TT. It was super cool to see teams attempt to score up there by utilizing existing parts of the bot (knocking the cube off the tray, stacking next to the tower and popping one in, etc). The tall tower was a worthy reward for those willing to chase it. I would love to see the next game have a similar way to score.


Didn’t have enough weight and if you saw them doing this you could easily push them since its difficult to go that high that fast and a good opposing team has an equal amount of colors to you completely nullifying this strategy.
Maybe if it doubled all of your cubes it would be more important.

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