2021 SJTU VEX Tutorial | Lecture 1: Design Method

Hello, we’re SJTU from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Here we share our idea about designing our robot. Instead of directly using VEX official parts to build a robot with a rule of thumb, we use a more standardized way, 3D modeling, for robot design.
Subtitles for English and Chinese are available.

0:00 Overview
1:20 Introduction
2:44 Pre-preparation
5:55 Sketch Design
10:02 3D Modeling
15:20 Manufacturing
17:15 Improvement


Thank you for teaching us a lot of useful knowledge in the video, I would like to ask if there will be a follow-up video :grinning:

Yes, there will be a follow-up video. This is our series of instructional videos. We will release new videos every Monday and Thursday, so stay tuned^_^


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