2021 Team 1961Z x 1721G Reveal: Metamorphoses

Our team 1961Z and @Yuanyang1727G have recently dropped a reveal that totally isn’t a copy of someone else lul. Thanks to @Unionjackjz and @jetc17 for helping us along the way. We couldn’t have done it without you guys!


RIP science drivetrains, you will be missed


Good work. I like to see that 6m-drive robot for a change (saw the video of it on youtube the other day), and the short reveal without tons of cuts and overkill editing is great. I hope people will follow your guys’ style in the future.

Last year for you guys?

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Can you give a quick explaination of what polycarbonate is decorative and which is functional? Because it looks like your over the 12x24 limit and im intrested to know how you managed that

I’m pretty sure all of the decorative polycarb needs to be backed by a solid surface. So every piece of polycarb that isn’t a lone standing piece of structure is decorative

This is the second reveal I have seen with 4" flex Wheels cut in half. Is there a reason for those other than that it allows you to get a pair of intakes with only 1 wheel? Great bots, by the way. The descorer reminds me of one I have seen…

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Well, it seems pretty reasonable. The half-cut wheels are lighter, cheaper, and have more flex in the vertical direction which lets them intake balls better.

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half cut wheels are also a lot more compact, which can make deploys easier.

In a nutshell, the large trapezoidal side plates and the two back plates on the base are decorational, alongside two front diagonal poly pieces on the base (we made sure to only screw them on for one side of the c-channel so it doesn’t provide any structural support). Below is a 12"x24" lexan sizing sheet for the functional polycarbonate on the robot:


This is also correct. We did something similar for the back polycarbonate plates as they are supported by the main back c-channel rail and the motors themselves. We also made sure to design the plates so they can be taken off at a moments notice in the case that a referee believes that it serves a functional purpose.

We will most likely go into more detail on the polycarbonate usage that we have on our robot near the end of the season in an explanation video.

Edit: 1721G also does the same with their side decorational plates and their long back decorational plate being backed by c-channels so the plates themselves provide no functional or structural purpose.