2021 Worlds

I know that anything can happen, but with how things are progressing with the pandemic, many experts are predicting a prolonged period of social distancing and isolation, of up to 18 months. If this happens, what are the odds of water game worlds happening at this point?


Vex Virtual Worlds 2: The Sequel


Maybe it will just turn into strictly fantasy robotics, like a video game?


That would honestly be so sad. My personal opinion though, is that people will get sick and tired of the stay at home stay safe orders, and go back to work, school, and play. I feel like we will still be safe, but honestly, we may just have to coexist with the virus. I feel like the likelihood of another canceled worlds is almost next to nothing. Do you honestly think the people will allow the governments to take away as many freedoms as they are right now for several years? I mean, come on. Things are already at the breaking point in Michigan. Check the news. You will probably see something about a protest in Lansing at the capitol building.

Once again, because of this reasoning, I truly believe that the likelihood of another virtual worlds is next to nothing.

Stay healthy everyone!


It was a joke. If the virus lasts that long I was actually thinking they would suspend the season, but that’s a depressing thought and nobody wants to hear that.


It is not sustainable to remained in shelter for this long-the entire world can’t stay locked indoors for a year and a half and expect things to just go back to normal. The loss of doing this would be far greater than anything this disease will cause based on current predictions. There is a decent possibility of arrangements being made to make events throughout the year and especially worlds safer, but I honestly doubt it will be cancelled. I also expect teams, coaches, and spectators at events to be conscious of personal hygiene at events, which will certainly help. One thing I will be interested to see is if the new game has modified drivers boxes to accommodate social distancing.

Also, where did you get the up to 18 months, haven’t seen anyone say we should be isolated for that long


Precisely what I was saying. I just threw out a number.

Vaccines take 12 to 18 months to create, test, and administer. I believe thats where hes getting his value from.

To provide a more serious response though, I do think this is a thread that needs to be addressed. Experts have said that even when the virus slows down, social distancing will still need to be in place for quite a while, possibly until 2022 as a worst case scenario. With many schools already announcing that summer courses will be held online and hinting towards an online fall semester as well, I wouldnt be surprised if we don’t see official events being held for a while. I don’t think a good robotics event will be possible while still under social distancing orders.

I believe that a vaccine to COVID-19 will be mass distributed around the time of April 2021, which happens to overlap with the time of worlds. I wouldnt be surprised if worlds 2021 is delayed at this point. If VEX and REC want to play it safe, thats the best option.


It might be posibile for some regions to have competition ie. Singapore New Zealand Australia (Touch wood this is as thses areas are geting close to stamping Covid out) so the only taunments that could ocur might be Non-Covid signature events and local reign taunaments. But I can see that to be most disponining for badly efect regions.


I think its too far ahead to be able to tell for sure. Most of the world is peaking or already has, so in a few months perhaps things will be better. But who knows, there could be multiple waves of infection caused by the reopening of society, and maybe worlds wont get to happen again. But tbh speculating isn’t going to change anything, may as well act as if world is for sure happening and have a fun season.


I think we will be fine for next year. It’s hard to foresee any kid of shutdown for more than another month.


If this continues until next year(which is unlikely, look at South Korea), this season won’t happen at all so worlds would only be the game reveal. Most likely just a media dump if they can even do that while maintaining distance as a company.

Edit: I say unlikely but there is still a chance. I am also not a reputable source


I hope this is true, but look at the first big “Will China get to go to worlds” thread. People said that there was no way China wouldn’t come. Let’s hope this ages well…


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The trillion dollar question is how long people who were exposed to the virus and develop antibodies will stay immune to the virus.

If those antibodies could protect you for more than a couple of years, then after about 60% of population have them, there will be herd immunity and Worlds will happen. They will ask high risk groups to stay away, but most of the students are not high risk.

If antibodies do not last long and you can get reinfected as soon as fall, then not having Worlds may be the least of the problems.

Unless there is a miracle drag or vaccine that works well before fall, we may be looking at losing anywhere from 5% to 20% of worlds population.


If people continue to social distance now and not break quarantine, the easier it will be for us to ease back into regular society. But since nobody wants to do that, the vaccine probably wont be available to use until probably December.

If everyone stays home and just does what they’re told, it’s easier to flatten the curve and get it figured out faster.

Please take that with a grain of salt though because almost nothing is ever true now. And I’m also sure that there are way more cases than documented all around the world because many people don’t have access to tests and some countries most likely lie about their numbers. (Ahem, China)