2022 2023 game

ok so VRC 2022-2023 will be:

largely zero-sum, like Change Up or Turning Point or Starstruck, in that by scoring points you take away from others. This means you’ll have to think about defense quite a bit more. This is a cycle that VRC games go through, (open-ended, zero sum) which alternates each year.

Onto speculation

I think that this also tends to create larger game objects in general. Manipulated objects like cubes or sacks will be much larger than the rings in this game and likely heavier. Think around the weight of the mobile goals or more. To be a bit more clear, I don’t think we’ll see the small scoring objects like rings, balls , or cones that we see in open-ended games, next year.

As far as gameplay aspects go, I think that we will see a lowered carry capacity limit (1) paired with immovable goals open to both teams. Scoring objects will be few in number and be accessible to both teams to raise their score. It’s a 50-50 chance, but I think we’ll see no small scoring objects, instead two large ones with different shapes, materials, and point values. I think that the GDC will maintain the autonomous line and its penalties.

I’d like to see a coopertition challenge, but I’m not sure how that’d work in a zero sum game.
E: Perhaps a goal, located near the other alliance station, restricted to your alliance, that when both are filled, gives a win point? This would create a unique strategic challenge, as teams would have to decide whether or not to “let” those teams go through unopposed, to score “free” points in an otherwise high-contest game, so that both alliances might prosper.

I think another thing to consider is the 5.5W motors. I don’t think as of now that they will be rolled out for 2022-2023, as VEX and their suppliers are incapable (I don’t mean this in a derogatory way, it’s just the way it is) of keeping the current suite of V5 electronics and sensors, as well as pneumatics, in stock.

What would those 5.5W motors mean? We think (in my org) that we’ll be able to switch up to two 11W motors for up to four 5.5W motors, and the “Meta” would involve using those 5.5W motors to boost the drivetrain and for scoring objects. I thought that, for the sake of balance, it should be a 2 -11W for 3-5.5W switch, so that teams would have to carefully make the decision to have more variety for less power in total.

I think that a future game with 5.5W motors will be likely to incorporate more small scoring objects which are designed to be manipulated with roll-y manipulators, to tempt teams towards whatever strategic design challenge there is regarding motor limits.

That’s enough from me, what do y’all think?


I think (hope) we will get a large center divider like starstruck or gate way or just some way to make it harder for opposing alliances to get to each other, but easy to score points by removing points from the other alliance. I feel like we need another game with incredibly large scoring objects like starstruck or toss up.


I would love to see a more offensive game rather than all the fighting involved in TP

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I guessing something that uses a flywheel


I feel like it is time again for something squishy/foamy/bouncy/flexible/not hard plastic. But then again, it seems like Vex has been trending away from that…


Oooh, can I play?



Neutral hanging structure neutral hanging structure


Flexible game elements in the past usually haven’t gone well. The main thing is that flexible game elements are inconsistent. If something is flexible, chances are that it will deform or change in flexibility over time with heavy use (which is common in robotics). Hard plastic never changes (relatively speaking, it doesn’t change other than catastrophic failure which is visual and game elements can be replaced.) I forget which game it was but we had squishy spheres and used flywheels to launch them. Over the season the spheres got more and more squishy, and then at worlds they got new spheres and nobodies flywheels worked anymore. I do agree with you that flexible game objects are fun and more interesting than hard plastic game elements, but they need to be consistent.


Chip Shortage Showdown


looking for invisible text


I like your idea.
Pneumatics are made by a third party, and Vex does not make that much money on them, especially now, when teams buy them from other suppliers. In my opinion, all the seasons leading up to Tipping Point, Vex has been steering away from making pneumatics a viable option for competitive teams up until this year. I think this may be because they had initially intended for 5.5W smart motors to be used and ban pneumatics entirely, but due to chip shortage, covid, supply chain issues, this did not go anywhere. I am still hoping for 5.5W smart motors to become legal in next year’s challenge, but since teams have spent a lot of money on pneumatics this year, it is a hard decision to make.


Pointy Pyramids, like the previous games of stacking objects like cubes and rings, now you will have to stack pyramids.

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That’s just in the zone

No invisible text on this one, but hints are out there.
Only, no one has had a keen enough eye to spot any yet




Please, share. Go ahead, I am waiting. I will be waiting.

And yes, we know it has to do with water, and the word game.

This opinion shows two clear misunderstandings:

  1. VEX Robotics is a for-profit company that makes robotics parts. They do not design the games, make the rules (including the rules of what parts are used) or run the competitions, this is done by the REC Foundation, a related, but definitely different organization.
  2. A common belief among robotics competition participants that competition is a major part of the profits of VEX Robotics, when in fact, it is educational sales that makes the profit for VEX.

I don’t expect pneumatics to go anywhere. It is easy enough for VEX to have the components bundled, slap on a quick 10% handling fee, and sell the equipment. Besides, the pneumatics kits fill an education need for many STEM-type programs. The limited use of pneumatics in past years had more to do with the transition from Cortex to V5, and the motor limits when using pneumatics.


Here is my prediction for the 2022-2023 game: Given that we have recently seen the fall of indexers, robot lifting, shooting, and throwing, my prediction is we will see a game, call it VEX Turn Up. There will probably some type of lever or small net to shoot something into and this can be elevated for extra points by throwing small heavy hexagons into a caged area that lifts up and increases the size of a net or ball scoring area. There might be two center stages that one can put hexagons on to lift up bars that will count for a large sum of points if a robot can hang from a bar that is elevated, and a smaller point bonus for hanging off a non-elevated bar. Opposing alliances can descore platforms and shoot opposing colored balls in nets/cages to deny points from the opposing alliance.

All in all I just hope that we get a complex game much like how this year was interesting and we see new and creative designs come out of this season like never before.


This is wrong. The GDC designs the games. Half of the GDC are VEX employees, half the GDC are RECF employees, and the head of the GDC is theoretically neutral, although he is a former VEX employee.