2022 - 2023 VEX IQ Competition - Slapshot

Introducing the 2022 - 2023 VEX IQ Competition Game, Slapshot!

Best of luck this season!


This actually looks pretty cool. The amount of ways to score is neat. There are some really creative things like the touching the tiles to add points, and sliding disks, it reminds of curling.


I’m not seeing the countdown

Is it just me or are others having this problem?

I get that this doesn’t really matter.


Give it a little while, the site is having issues with the content update.


The more scoring opportunities the better!
I’ve noticed that both for recent VRC and IQ games, the number of ways to score points is increasing. Just an observation.
Looks like a great game, good luck to all the IQ teams for the 22-23 season.

Ok initial thoughts round 2:

  1. The name is accurate! They might as well have called them “pucks” instead of discs, to make it different from Spin Up.
  2. This is another year where the VRC and VIQ games have very similar aspects, and you can see what the GDC was thinking, a lot like Change Up/Rise Above. They use robot expansion as a unique way to score more points. They make penalties for minor inaccuracies in order to (in the words of my teammate) "learn how to problem solve and work out kinks over the season better. " Elaborations on each of the points made in part two:
  3. Between Robot expansion for tiles in Spin Up, and robot expansion for scoring points in Slapshot, it is clear that the GDC wanted to add a unique way of scoring that ways never seen before. It is obvious that although the details are very different, the ideas came from the same place.
  4. ( penalties for minor inaccuracies - see #2.) I really like how they do this. It definitely helps a lot. I didn’t really pay much attention to Pitching In, but in Tipping Point this doesn’t affect you as much. Ring intake scores a few less points? You will probably be fine until the latter stages of the season, the latter staqes of high level comps.In Spin Up, on the other hand, it scores for the opposing alliance. In Slapshot, if you are aiming for the 4 point zone and shoot it a millimeter too far, you lose 3 points. Everybody hates tuning a ring intake or a flywheel, but in real life engineering, if you can’t work out these kinks, all your other work is put to waste.

Well that’s it from me, what are your thoughts? (particularly in regards to the loaders, those are another special part of the gameplay that I didn’t really touch on)


Slap Shot is fascinating in that regard. My dad said he thinks this is going to be a game where dust will be a big deal, either on the field or on the pucks, since you’re relying on friction to aim accurately.


This was a lot different from what I expected. Every year there has been a pattern where the Vex VRC is very similar to next year’s IQ. But this year, they threw that to the one point score zone and back. The hardest part about this is probably using the same arm to dispense and reach while STILL having room for the firing mechanism. We were spending all this time building the wrong kind of arm!!! We were build ing reverse 4-bar and scissor lifts while all we needed was a simple arm. Dang. Also, who in their right mind would go for the rotating dispenser instead of the push one? This whole compition could make me spit a string of profaniatys, even on the first day! But I digress. Anyways, how heavy are the disks? Are they weighted or light? This will be very important in planning. Thanks for reading all this!!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

One last thought: I think this year will be the best for both competitions since the 17-18 and 18-19 seasons. But then again, we thought Tipping Point was gonna be good…
It’s yet to be seen, but Iḿ excited.

Wondering, is it allowed to have an arm that touches all the contact zones? Would that increase all the scoring pucks by one in all the scoring zones?

we’d have to wait until the 12th because thats when the game manual releases

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True, thanks, forgot that

Because they need to score every disk.

Also the rotating one isn’t that hard, especially if you have an intake. IMO the dumping ones can be done with a passive mechanism, so while they will be the most difficult (because they take so long), they will still be fairly easy. The passive mechanism would likely be a ramp that deploys up at the beginning of the match. You drive parallel to the dispenser right past it, and boom they all fall on the ground.

I am interested though to see what the most effective way to ensure a consistent shot in the 4-point zone (a.k.a. 6-point zone once both robots touch it) is. Will it be bouncing it off the wall? Hitting the green bumps? Just sliding it to the right distance? Puncher? Flywheel? These are all questions that will be answered once teams get the field.


I am sure there will be a size limit(at least at the start) so unless you store them in a parallel universe it will not work

The reveal in the dome was epic! Thanks @Grant_Cox and crew for another exciting game.


I am envious of the new IQ game. It looks like they’ve introduced a element of randomness (throwing the discs into sections) to reduce teams maxing out the score consistently. Which in retrospect seems like the obvious way of solving it - but time will tell.

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With a year to figure out how to consistently shoot the discs exactly the same, I don’t know that that will be enough to keep teams frpm maxing out the field, but only time will tell.

Is there a carrying limit, and how much do they weigh? @DRow

My goodness, pinging drow for RTM questions!!!
When the manual is released, get it here: VIQC Documentation Release - VEX Robotics


image DRow:

We are not releasing any documentation for VIQC Slapshot until the Closing Ceremonies of the Elementary School Competition on Thursday.

You’ll find out by reading the game manual when it’s released tomorrow night.