2022 - 2023 VEX IQ Competition - Slapshot

this is a thread for the vex iq game, which does not have the same endgame bonus


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my fault

A old worn field being used during a competition match will behave differently from a brand new field. Teams may have an advantage depending on what field they are assigned to.

And depending on what field they tuned on.

And the exact sag of their assigned elevated field

I was going to bring that up. All year it seemed like most competitions were held on the floor. (That was another issue with making the fields bigger imo. ) Then we get to worlds and everything is on risers. I don’t know if the skills ref was just being kind to my kids but he did say that there were a lot of teams having issues with their program since the fields were sagging some after their first run struggled a bit.

We were State Champions, 25th in the US, 43rd in the World and despite hours of testing in the pits to adjust, put up 3 zeros in programming skills.

I don’t mind elevated fields, but I do wish they were dead level.


The conditions for the skills fields was disappointing. I understand needing to be able to account for some differences, but IQ simply doesn’t have enough sensor sensitivity (especially Gen 1) to be able to deal with that well. Performance almost certainly came down to which field you were on.

I hope by next Worlds they have a better/more consistent riser situation, or just put them on the floor.

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We play all of the matches in our area on top of tables. They are pretty even, but I go around with a level and a stack of dimes to try to true things up.

There is really no reason those skills fields couldn’t have been on the floor, just like the practice fields.


You get set and order things. How many fields? then I need X amount of tables (or in the VEXIQ case Z amount of risers. It’s all spread sheet driven. My only problem is that my chair calc is driven of of table calcs (5 chairs per pit table) ends up with one extra chair at each scoring table, and 3 extra chairs at queuing tables and 14 extra ones at fields. I should figure the right number out, but I just stack the extra on the sides and by 10 AM they all have butts in them so it works out.

My team had issues with the skills fields also. It wasn’t even about being level or not. Many fields weren’t even supported underneath adequately. It’s pretty bad when one can visually see the sag even without a level or a ruler. My kids tried passing on fields that bounced up and down when they push on them but unfortunately they gave up since it was impossible to guarantee a field that didn’t bounce when pushed down on and they didn’t want to keep lining up again. It’s pretty sad to see how disappointed my kids were after their auto runs. Especially when they consistently got 18-20 high goals in the practice field at their booth. They worked all season to perfect their auto so definitely feel their disappointment.


Guys, this needs to stop. This thread is for slapshot, not complaining about worlds. There are other threads for that. Please stay on topic.


Back on topic…“we want the hero bot instructions, we want the hero bot instructions!”. Will they hear is if we chant in unison??? Seeing the video of the build was cool but surprised it is taking so long to release the guide.


I hear ya, but to be fair, it’s incredibly tedious to put a set of instructions together and to ensure accuracy, quality, and comprehensibility. Combine that with choosing an order to the build to make it as simple possible and I can see why the process takes so long.

On the flip-side, I’d also like the instructions sooner rather than later so I can meet with the other district coaches to walk them through it before it’s impossible to get them in a room together over the summer. When the video released, we made a tentative plan for Thursday afternoon thinking that surely the instructions would be out shortly after the video. Now that it’s tomorrow, I may miss that opportunity entirely because at least one of the teachers/coaches is leaving for two weeks and the others have other obligations throughout the summer and rarely have free time align between them.

If this were just for the season this fall, it wouldn’t be an issue, but we’re trying to prep for summer camps while trying to work around teacher vacations, in-service, training, and other travel obligations.

As I said in the other thread, I’d be happy to beta test the instructions in whatever state they are in and provide detailed feedback and sign an nda to avoid releasing them early. As it is right now, I’m going to have to either try and build it myself based off the video just to have something to show the other teachers tomorrow or give up on getting them all together at once before summer camps start. 8 \


It is odd that we are a month post reveal and still no hero bot instructions. Obviously there are a litany of reasons why this may be, including unexpected challenges, getting the sample to the illustrator late or a deliberate effort from RECF/Vex to encourage teams to find their own path before providing one.

Whatever the reason may be, it would be wonderful for the powers that be to explain that and at a minimum show the students a real world example of how these things works and why some delays happen. How do we use our design process principals to learn about what happened and perhaps avoid them in the future?

I think it would still be a grand idea to provide a series of great pictures to allow the students to attempt to reverse engineer the hero bot while they wait for the official instructions.

At any rate, please share whatever information is available. Until then, we will just toil in the forum, somewhat patiently waiting.


Could even be something like unexpected turnover. Losing key folks at the wrong time can hurt bad. Especially if they leave without sharing their work in a work repository… But yeah, some transparency would be lovely.


So the Vex Build page has been updated with a placeholder for Snapshot. Lists a gen 2 only build available at the end of July.

At least it is some communication, but it would be lively to hear more about what created the delay and use it as a teaching moment.


I know getting documentation translated is always a hassle and a delay in real world business, but knowing the game and the robot was likely done awhile ago, I can’t see that being the case. Unless, there was an update to the HERO bot, maybe as @Sidoti said in the videos, the intake/indexer are pretty funky, that had to be adjusted. Given the silence, feels like some post production QA found issues and updates are happening to make it a little better,

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Update, they have added a 1st gen listing. Still not available till end of July currently. So they still need to pick up the pace.lol