2022 - 2023 VEX Robotics Competition - Spin Up

precisely that, you only want one wheel, so the design would have to change a little but it’s still very plausible

The disks are made out of foam so does anyone else think that they will get destroyed fairly quickly?

People got their hands on some disks from worlds, and they said that they were pretty stiff, and felt more like rubber than foam.

why x-drive? just curious

I think it would be easier to adjust your shots if you had a mecanum or x-drive.

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You know, I suspect you might be right. The roller mount looks like it will spin freely upward with pressure from the field side (hence Spin Up?) but tend to jam if you try to pull back on it with weight still applied. One possibiliy here is that a sprung bar at an angle will achieve what you want. You’d still have to watch the orientation of the roller, or install a colour or vision sensor. Or maybe even a line follower group? This may be where a colour filter is useful to create light and dark. Much speculation, very geometry, learn CAD. I’ve added a copy of the roller pushed down to close the 0.75mm gap in the mount. It suspect it should be possible to estimate the geometry and weighting of the bar that would work from the model and probably not be wildly inaccurate.


I didn’t want to make a new topic about this, but I have a question about the expansion at the end. Would zipties count as “contact” to the tiles? or would we need to use something like standoffs with a screw on the end? I couldn’t find this in the game manual, but if you did, please point me to it.

Page 5:
In many cases, the answer may just be in a different place than you first thought - or, if there is no rule explicitly prohibiting something, then that usually means it is legal!

A field tile is considered Covered if it is being contacted by a Robot at the end of a Match.

Is a ziptie a part of your robot?


As you read the game manual, remember it tells you what you must do and what you are prohibited from doing. There is no possible way the manual could tell you all of the things you might do, nor does the manual ever discuss game strategy. If you’re looking for a statement that you can touch the game tiles with a zip tie to score, you’re not going to find it.


Yes, my robot is held together by zipties. Whose isn’t?

Seriously though, the only ones that we didn’t put there are inspection zipties.

So if a zip tie is a part of your robot touching a tile, naturally it counts as contacting. Why is that even a question?


I have a simple lightweight idea for the competition, it would be for the expansion rule. I may go into more depth if it works, but long story short, it involves a pneumatic system. (Also the zip-tie thing sounds pretty cool if you could find a way to work it out)

I’ve heard of w3schools and I’ve used it to learn html, very great! Also I was the programmer of my team during tipping point so I know something things. But mostly just how to move and turn(I watched a tutorial). Thanks for advice

THanks but I’m wanting to learn VexCode Pro mostly as I am most familiar with that

What are your guys’ ideas for the high goal

Flywheel (20 characters)


I’ll be surprised if I see people not using a flywheel… that probably means something.



A single fly wheel launcher, but i have been wondering about a six-bar arm with a claw that could create and move stacks of disks

Probably not worth it with a 3 disc possession limit…